Sunday, 29 July 2012

Robert De L'anza. Internnational L'anza.

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Sad new's the passing of the founder of L'anza International.
Robert De Lanza

This weekend someone I greatly respect informed me the sad new's that the founder and indeed innovation behind  L'anza hair care passed away after a long fight with Cancer. Robert De Lanza was the man behind the many break throughs in the chemistry of hair care products. The ultimate treatment with the Keratin bond system. The first products to introduce keratin to the stylist and the hair industry.
Starting out in Europe with very humble begins he settled in the United states using his skill an knowledge as a pharmacist to develop shampoos. He went on the establish L'anza International  a company with high ethic's innovative idea's a passion to inspire motivate and educate professionals.
The quality and extensive range of the products. The support given were second to none it was an honour to have been part of the L'anza team in Canada. 
I am privileged to have met Robert and so many of the amazing industry professional he surround him self with an driven by passion high standards of ethic's and ability all sharing his vision and values!
He gave and contributed so much to so may to the hair industry! 

At L'anza , a formula is not merely a mixture, it is a solution. This is why L'anza has created a special solution for every hair type with a complete collection of "Formulas" to help every kind of hair look its best.L'anza's product formulas combine time-honored natural ingredients including botanical extracts,
keratin amino acids and moisturizers with the most advanced scientific research, such as L’anza’s exclusive Keratin Bond System®, one of the world's most innovative and sought after hair repair ingredients.
The Keratin Bond System® was developed by L'anza's chief chemist and founder Robert De Lanza over fifteen years ago. The "miracle" cure, as it's been called, combines select herbs and protein through a unique hydrolization process. The result is an extraordinary protein delivery system that in a short time makes the hair look and feel stronger, softer and remarkably healthy. L'anza's innovative research labs continue their commitment to provide real people with real solutions by offering new products and services specifically targeted to the clients' hair type and the style they would like to achieve. This philosophy has branded L'anza- The Company of Solutions.

Cysteine Peptides - the primary building blocks of hair. 
Cystine Peptides are the most abundant and important Amino Acids in the hair. The give Keratin Protein its strength and its hair strength and hair its shape, form and structure. When hair ages, these Cystine Peptides are depleted and Peptide Bonds are weakened. L'ANZA's Cystine Peptide Complex™ replenishes vital Cystine Peptides back into the hair and strengthens the Peptide Bonds through and advanced cross-linking process. The result is hair with more shine, increased strength and improved elasticity. Hair becomes healthy and radiant again, like when it was younger. 

People come into our lives for reason some time briefly some to to teach us a lesson occasionally to learn from us.We are touched in different ways by different people a celebration of life is to reflect of the good things achieved a legacy left ! 
Mike B2MR   

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Salon Spa. The client or Guest!

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Are our clients. Are guests. New friends is there a dividing line ? How do you class them ?
Many new terms for our clients. How do you feel about the term Guest instead of client what springs to mind? For me it's we are having guests for the week end. If this is the case they must have been invited? Guests also suggests to sure our hospitality at my or our expense? May be i'm wrong.

The same goes for that client stylist relationship becoming a friendship business is business when their is exchange of money it's for services rendered. When friendship enters into the equation special mates rates follows not far behind along with. can you fit me in can you do me favour .Can I pay next time.To stylists getting complacent to loss of client and so called friend! It happens oh so often.

Keep it simple a business relationship one built on trust and mutual respect. As stylist we have to be aware of how easy lines can get crossed. How easy boundaries can get crossed. How easy complacency can  happen. I always apply this to mates rates special rates. This normally ends up in a break down in relationship because of expectation and or demands.
I have clients wanting to be fitted in who because they are special I have always reminded them that they are special as special as the next client. Every one gets the same specula treatment and pays the same special rate, it gets a laugh but keeps things consistent on an even professional keel.

As Salon owner's and Manager Stylist's.
We all have one major things in Common. Do you know what that is ? We all work in the service Industry. It is our job to offer the highest standards of. Service and Consultation.
This is a team effort an experience that starts as the client walks through the door and is greeted by receptionist and salon assistance. As stylists to offer the best advise supported by knowledge and skill.
On going training product knowledge updates are all key factors to staying current and on the cutting edge of our industry.

It is a know fact. That 50% of clients that visit a salon for the first time do not return! Why is this? What is going wrong? We all spend so much time money and energy trying to get new business. We forget about the existing business. We forget to live in the now! Striving and Trying to build up a strong clientele. But constantly driven to look for new clients new ways to attract clients.
We need to take an honest look at what is going wrong. This has to be done both as. A Salon as a team and as an individual.

Clients leave for many reason's. Poor service. Bad job. Personality issues. Pricing. Oh and a friend telling them about the new wonder salon down the road. That being everything yours is not!

In all of the above instances the only one person who cannot be blamed is. The client. It is our job to cherish care and build up a trusting honest relationship. One that comes for giving the ultimate service.
Change improvements. Salon service. Image. Increased business all possible but it does take. Hard work, Humility, Honesty and caring.

Here is a little personal reflection. But it get's a point home.

I recently lost my dear life friend my dog Zip. Stay with me there is a point to this! He was almost 10 years old. 3 years ago we moved to the Uk from Canada leaving my clients and hair business behind.

I have stayed in touch with many of my clients will still chat stay connected. It's easy! How? With so many Media tools available to us. Well I learned a huge lesson in Zip's passing sad as it was. How loved and how many clients remembered him. The salon. The service. So many postings with messages from people who's hair I have not done for three years. But they still care they still remember the time we spent together.  They left message s reflecting on this time spent. Why? Because they wanted to. Because they cared. Because we had built up relationships still strong today.

Service Consultation the key.
We get so wrapped up in booking. Being busy. Fitting in as many clients as possible. That we forget that the person that client in the chair is the most important thing. Think less about the money more about the service for one takes care of the other.
Look after that client give the most attentive service make them feel special she will tell friend and so it builds.
Easy just repeat the same system over and over treat every client the same every time as if it were a first visit and they are really special. Fool proof!
Service .Consultation. Communication. Professional product advise. note not sales advise educate the product it will sell it self.

Do you take the time to really listen and give honest advise?
Would you suggest a different look ? If what was being requested would not look good?
Would you suggest not doing a chemical process if you thought condition to poor?
Would you stay late working with a client until happy?
Have boundaries a 15 min rule for lateness no exception ! why it's easy the knock on effect over the day creates you running late others being effected.
You see both clients and us as stylist have to be accountable for our actions. Make a decision live with the consequences. Mutual respect. Open lines of communication.
Give sound solid honest advise even if it's not what the clients wants to hear. Do not take on work that is not represent your own high standards and explain why?
More to follow on this topic but enough to digest for now.

Mike B2MR

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Salon industry

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The salon industry. Hair salon challenge:

Old habits die hard:  The hair salon challenges. We can oh so easily perpetuate them. what am i talking about? The basic notions and thoughts that seem to exist about the relationships between salon owners and stylist! the hair salon industry!
Do and should stylist come to terms with the notion that if someone has the money to set up a salon nicely and invest in everything to make is a success. That they are then doing the stylist some kind of favour in allowing them to work and build a nice living for themselves, this is out of date thinking. 
But More:  If a owner has several stylist working then yes they are making more money than the stylist. After all, that is the whole purpose of setting up a salon. Stylist need to stop complaining and comparing themselves to owners. Stop thinking about who has more stop thinking they are getting ripped off because they can't keep all the money they made. That would be as silly as a waiter saying he wanted it all just because he brought out the food and drinks! Does a nurse get paid all of the money a hospital makes? Does the fast food worker get all the money that Mc Donalds makes? They are just a part. They forget quickly about who helped them get established and provided a place for them when they were not making any money. Mentoring them into what they are today. weeks, months, years of remaining loyal to them supporting them. Why does this seem so hard for stylist to understand? Has the hairspray clogged all of our thinking? lol Geez, should not be this complicated on any level in this industry. It almost sounds like basic 101 and yet all over the place people are struggling in all this mess.

Strong views ha!
With these attitudes no wonder stylist want to go it alone.
It was these professional business minded salon owners with the stylist best interest at heart! That decided to set up salon with space for stylist to rent? Who decided that renting space was easy money with no hassle? Why do these stylist think they would rather go it alone? Certain elements of our industry introduced this actively encouraged it in some cases made money form it! Some stylist went to it because of that element of employers who were far from ethical in standards code of practice and pay structure. Whilst I agree that some stylist through action should take responsibility for them selves. I also think responsibility has to be put where it belongs! Like it or not our industry fellow professionals started this by action and want for easy money!!!
How we deal with it is going to take time a re building of trust and professional attitudes all round a collaboration and a want to move forward having learned some lessons!
just some thoughts but it's far from a one sided issues. It's certainly not just stylist with to much hairspray in there system!!!!

Industry habits continued:

What about the account from the renter who became the owner who rented out space who eventually joined up the dots!................
An Account shared.[ with permission]
I also believed the lie. I was told "Oh yah, do it! You don't have to worry about doing taxes, everyone does their own thing, come and go as they please. You don't have to be a boss! You don't have to buy their products etc. You will make a bunch of money!!! Just hearing the words No taxes responsibility and a bunch of money was my foot in that easy door. I was always under the false impression that taxes were too difficult to understand and I was never ever good at math. It scared me to death actually. Isn't that what accountants and people good at math do? The owner of the salon I "rented "space from wanted to sell because she got married and moved.I thought about it, and began doing what was done to me. Your right again, we just do what we know to do. I look back and realized that out of the several salons I worked at around the USA, not one of them was ethical even when it was commission salon. I remember being encouraged to take a draw out of my check every week for the weekends, party! Of course I would and thought how nice my bosses were. Not realizing like I know now that it would be less tax on less money they would have to pay and could show just the checks and credit card services. Unless it was a chain-salon who kept the books to a T. I guess that is why the IRS knows their is ton of unaccounted money in this industry.
With all that being said, I was guilty of it also. It began to dawn on me that the company my husband worked for never offered him draws or gave him half cash and half check. He had so much medi,soc.sec,state,fed 401k, insurance taken out of his checks! Then I began receiving my chart from soc sec. in the mail and seeing how little I made if I began today and needed it..... lol, I would get less than some people who have never worked that are on it!!! And trust me I have worked my butt off over the years always rebuilding clientele because of moving out of state. When it came time to get a house loan, my income showed very little income therefore did not qualify for what we knew we could handle. I could not get credit on my own with out my husband. I finally got the big picture! I started in this profession at 18 and continued all this time knowing the business was different than regular jobs because of it being a commission based job, not because what was going on was illegal or unethical etc. It never occurred to me to ask about paychecks because "some" was being deducted and it was considered rude to ask. Lots of nice, good, giving people just doing what they knew to do. I have acquired a lot of wisdom along the way (the hard way) and constantly seek out the right way today just because I am supposed to and I want to.
You are correct in every way and it is a big elephant under the rug. So what would a healthy salon look like? financially, morally, ethically, educationally? It could say the word "Profession" proudly without people smirking. Our dysfunction runs deep and probably are not wanting to look at it too closely. So much junk not sure where to start... I'm telling you, a few of these kind of testimonies at hair shows and not placing blame or attack anyone. I believe the the graphs, stats and visuals would get everyone thinking. I bet some would be relieved and surrender the game immediately.

The above:Happens all the time day in day out it's the nature of the business, for some it's the way things are done as it's is suggested we need to stop and look and be honest about ethic's employment professional attitudes industry codes. Maybe we need to overhaul these practices that have lead to discontent amongst employees that has led to higher wage and commission demands. This begat booth and suite rental that has created much greed and chaos! 
Can we fix this? Yes of course it just takes a willingness. there are enough professional, passionate, motivated, salon owners, stylist and industry leaders who can make this happen. How? With collaboration openness and a real willingness and want for change to happen for the better. Getting back to level field of respect between salon owners and stylist raising of industry standards and profile. 
It is so easy to lose focus on those visions and goals we had. It's easy to fall into a trap of taking short cuts putting things off. Through net working with others openly discussing and sharing things can be turned around. 

Mike B2MR.  

Monday, 16 July 2012

Ombre hair colour.The latest innovative fashion colour

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What is Ombre  hair Colour? How to do Ombre hair colour. Some thoughts and idea's on this look some 'Ombre hair colouring tips'.
This was a new hair colour sensation.Now months later it's still here it's no longer just  a trend. So what is Ombre hair colour? How did  it evolve? Simple  From women wanting change from women wanting less colour from wanting a new look a more casual constructed and yet deconstructed look so 'What is that Ombre hair colour' ! That look that evolved from letting colour grow out creating a root issue that needed to be addressed.  However it does seem  as this has evolved  that it allows for the roots to be blended in to some degree. More importantly getting away from a need for such a solid and in some cases over processed look. A casual more carefree look that still has shock factor and yet still conforms!
Ombre hair colouring tips.
Ombre hair colour.
Colour Ombre hair.
How to do Ombre hair colour.
What is Ombre hair colour.
Colour dipping.

How can one create this look?  Well firstly I have to state it is dependent on the history of the hair that is being considered for this look.  So it's back to that consultation or being honest with yourself if doing it as a home project.There are many formulations that one can explore and experiment with.But one has to consider both target colour and effect required .The tone and shade being used.
Lets use a example of level 6 Natural Dark Blonde. One with previous colour history. One with virgin un coloured  or never processed hair. The Look tends to be a graduated hair cut works well on longer hair. In the event of previously coloured hair one would expect to see light ends dark roots, for the sake of this lets not go to complicated. So we will presume grown out Highlights and low lights. This look really does create a grwon out look going from darker to lighter.
One formulation that will take care of any unwanted shade or pigment from previous colour would be to highlight maybe slightly thicker than finer. I would suggest using on our pre-coloured hair  three different levels of Bleach decolouriser fading them into each other. How? You may ask.Well weave out your highlights to desired thickness having mixed three bowls of bleach.
One with 10 volume peroxide  1part powder to 2parts peroxide normally makes good consistency but follow directions.
2nd bowl  20 volume as above mix
3rd Bowl 30 volume  as above mix
I would advise using different coloured bowls or mark each one so not to use wrong formulation. Ready to go. Weave your streak place on foil, easy mesh, paper, what ever you use. Now paste the 10 volume formulation on the roots and as far out as you like, next paste the 20 vol formulation on the mid lengths again as far as you want. Finally 20 vol on the ends.
Or of course you could use the dip technique and just lift up the tips creative and can if done well look great!! You have to keep an eye on this as it lifts. You may have to pull some out before your finished, but that's ok. Once all done you have to decide on the tone that you want to blend them to.Two thing are key to this. Don't do the whole head. Make sure that the lift you get is even down each section and all sections have the same lift.
Think about the pigment you have exposed think about the tone you want use the colour wheel. Now lets look at virgin hair I don't think in this instance one would need to use bleach but again personal choice here is my choice and suggestion. Remember we are sating of with a level 6 natural dark blonde. Things we have to consider when choosing  our formulation. What pigment will come in to play How will it effect our choice of colour.
Using the same highlighting technique as above. Lets play with both shade and lift. So my choice would be 8A or 9A .why? Well it's an Ash base so will control any unwanted warmth that being [ orange ] Lets use 10 volume on the roots this will lift one level but will expose warmth even with one level of lift. Mid section 20 volume two levels of lift. Ends 30 volume on the ends. Remember your timing and your formulations.
 You could use 20. 30, 40, if you want it lighter. But more lift will bring out more orange. You can also slightly over lap each shade, because although different levels of peroxide all in the same colour camp so no banding. Take you time think through both. Timing. Application. Formulation. Use the tools available to you. Colour chart. Colour wheel. Have some creative fun both with the cut and the colouring technique. You too could look like a movie star with this technique that allows for stylish casul sophistication.
This style and creative look has a natural edge to it and yet rings of creative style and freedom for both client and stylist to try some techniques slightly out side of the box with both application and formulation. I was and am very excited to be talking about a look that i think really works on so many levels and is good for both the client the stylist and the salon.
Colour dipping
With the evolution of extensions being much more common place so comes creative ways to add colour and dimension to any look without it being permanent. These flitches of hair purchased can be dyes most shades and styles to suit. WE used to use these for Avant Garde hair shows not it's hit the high street and it's considered acceptable fashion and hair accessory .
Mike B2MR:

Thursday, 12 July 2012

The salon .The stylist. Our Clients!

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The salon. The stylist. The client. is this the correct order of importance?  Should it be. The client. The salon the stylist? You decide!

Last night i went to a formal work function It's was to do with my wife's work. Black tie evening dress do. large tables formally laid out we did not get to sit together. Lucky for me with all these older guys in dinners suits i got to sit between two professional well dresses very educated professional women. Interesting.
We discussed many things mainly polite conversation around why we were at this dinner general chit chat then the big question what do you do !! Well experience has taught me that as a hairdresser as soon as you tell women that the cat is out of the bag and views opinions fly about. Standards. Looks. Price. Service. Relationships and indeed consultation.

This was really interesting here i sit writing about many aspects of our industry sharing in discussion with fellow piers and professional we think w shave  handle on our profession our clients Well do we?
Two professional women both well dressed both well educated both very dissatisfied with standards  service ability of stylist and lack of skills.

Two women worlds apart they did not know each other their choice of salon stylist and looks very different  One travels to London from Canterbury only 1 hour on the high speed train the other try's locally but also very dissatisfied. Travelling to London is around £50.00 return the hair cut colour around £200.00. Yet she feels that the standard of skill the service given that attention to detail is sadly lacking. But although has tried different alone different stylist the same applies don't listen just carry on doing a variation on what she already has creating the same issues. Those being made to blonde over processing no attention to low lights colour issues ect.
The second women over processing lack of consultation skills. Lack of sound advice no attention to detail. In both cases it came down to un-professional lack of. Service, lack of caring, poor consultation over pricing!
Frankly i was quite shocked here we all are sharing what we think.What makes for the perfect salon that experience. Discussing, skills educate training. Maybe just maybe the ones to really start questioning and listening to about concerns are our clients.
Maybe just maybe they hold the key to telling us advising us what they want what they expect from us. Maybe we need to start taking note and listening more. Asking better more intuitive questions.
Maybe instead of assuming we know best we should be come to pupils in to learn what our clients really need want and expect.
Would this lead to better client retention? Would this lead to more recommendations. Would this lead to better business. Better stylist staff relations?

Are we as professional big enough to take some time to reflect and think about ways to make changes to how we think what we offer. We worry about getting new clients. Instead we should be attending to the ones we all ready have. They are our business now. They potentially are our future through recommendation. They are our business.
This  is the case whether you own a salon and employ staff. Our are freelance or indeed a booth or chair renter. We forget so easily it's not about us or what we want we get that by giving the client what they want! This was a very interesting evening an eye opener and great reminder and wake up call to share with others. It's so easy for us all to get so wrapped up in business and work we forget we get complacent until sometimes it's to late! we lose clients we lose our business.
All just thoughts.

Mike B2MR        

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A salon and spa. Cultivate success.

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A salon and Spa.
Cultivate your team. Cultivate your their clients.Cultivate success

How to build a hair salon. How to create salon success. A question that gets asked so often.What is the way to build and create successful salon. Is it the location? Is it the skill of the staff or team? Is it pricing? is it image and or appearance?
What do you think? What would make your Salon and Spa a success? First and foremost you have to have a vision for what you want it to be. A blue print for your salon success. Location, skill pricing all play their part in this. But first and and foremost it's vision and commitment to wanting that salon success.
What does this take. Drive. Passion. Motivation. Creativity.  Hard work, dedication, focus determination to succeed. Team work!

Values what are yours ? Have you spent any time considering these ? Why you may think well that's easy!   It's not think again! You need to think on this one! They are at the heart for who you are what drives you wants acceptable to you.
They will be part of your salon Brand and identity and culture! They could be Respect. Humility.Trust Honesty. Equality. Diversity. These are just examples! This is quite personal to each and every one of us.

It's once we have established our values we can realise our vision. Not just the reality of location and look but also start to find the right mix of people the team we want around us that team we need to build for that success. Unless of course you are going it alone as a Booth renter or indeed in some way freelance. Both of these are admirable both still have all the challenges mentioned above you still need a vision you still need values. It's a single minded path lonely at times lacking input from others. Lacking that group motivation or team sharing of the creative ideas' that drive and inspires us. I think it takes in many ways a very focused and motivated person to go it alone. The values would reflect this. Knowing what drives and motivates you maybe it's money power thats you see as success?

Then the business model the fun stuff for many the salon look the decor. The brand starts to take form the coming together of the team from the receptionist to stylist and the trainee. Back to that vision. Standards training. skills level swerve sot offer! Products to use in house and retail. Product knowledge. Retail display area.

The challenge cultivation of clients! This come from service skill the consultation. The experience we provide.The best way to cultivate a solid clientele is through repeat business and them recommending both salon and stylist. It's through trading even salon client as if the visit were their first! Many salons lose clients on a regular bases those clients who are or were new to the salon They came once never to return this is the business to keep ! Not a continued supply of new ones.  Keep salon records of client retention if sue one does not come back follow up find out why then fix the problem. If it 's a certain staff member address the issue help them get the skills to fix the problem. Be it hands on or technical skills or personal development. Communication. Consultation. Attitude skills. Multi media. Social media  and computer skills.

It comes back to that vision. Those values.That salon culture.Brand and image.Where do you start with finding the right stylists and team members. Do you take on newly qualified college stylist? Do you find seasoned professional? What do you think? Remember Standards and that vision. On interview do they share your vision or understand it. Are they willing to help to make it a reality? Inspire those you are going to work with develop a culture that is innovative creative. One that encourages Collaboration but still promote the salon culture and brand. Don't settle for second best or compromise on your goals and vision.

What does success mean to you! This goes back to those values is success judged in monetary terms or achievement of the vision becoming a reality. Through this whole process will there be challenges will it all be smooth sail ! Da....... Is ever day sunny! Challenges the unexpected are all part of life the drama as it unfolds what defines us is how we deal with things knowing that we are not always in control but can adapt with out being phased or having to point the finger of blameless where. Being accountable and responsible for our choice sand actions.

Success could be defined as being as different for each of us as our values are or our vision is. for me success is trying something new sometimes accepting failure as part of the learning of moving forward Challenging my self and others around me. Being challenged. Being questioned. Seeking answers. knowing what my true values are. How about you ?
Mike B2MR

Monday, 2 July 2012

Your salon, your dream, your vision.

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Thinking of starting that dream salon?

Lets assume that your a qualified successful stylist. One that has been in the industry to have a good idea of how things work. Lets assume that you have worked for a long enough period to establish your self as a stylist and have a strong following of loyal clients.

Now let's assume that you have worked for other people for long enough. You want to start your own business you want to do things your way. You know you can do things better use your experience  and  knowledge to be a success and offer your clients some thing new and different.
Sounds great ha? I think this is the normal path of progress for most hairdressers. We reach appoint where we start to question the way things are done in the salon they are involved in. We think the owner is taking to much of the pie! We know we could do a better job we have a vision.

We have a great following of clients. We know our business. We understand our clients, how hard can it be? I think much tufter than many think!
Without dwelling in the past a number of years ago I went through this very scenario. I had out grown the salon i was involved. I say involved in because I had work amy way up and was a director and share holder. Sound good ha. Well it was not enough! Why ? Because i felt i was the busiest in the salon and yet felt i did not have a voice. was this the case or is the grass just always greener else where! Or is was this just Ego!! i don't regrets ever but wonder some times what might have been if i had made other choices.

It was time to go it alone: I sold my shares back to my partners used this money to buy a lease.
I purchased an existing salon old fashioned shampoo and set joint. I closed it for 2 weeks gutted it with the help of family and friends re opened as trendy up market salon. [not one pictured]
My clients all followed the location was and is key. In this instance i chose a location that was where all my clients were moving to. Easy parking great location they were happy to pay the same prices that i charged in Chelsea.
I had a vision and a goal i was very motivated, I had something to prove to my self and others i could be a success. It worked really well .Why? Because i was in the right place at the right time. This salon attracted other start up salons they tried to do the same thing as more and more sprang up as the area developed. I noticed the odd one failing within a short time. Why? Any market can only sustain so much. What they were creating was on longer new or different, saturation point! I sold this salon within 2 years and made a huge profit the guy who bought went bust with 1 year. what you don't need is an empty salon!

Why am I telling you this? As a warning think things through. Do your home work. The world we live in has made a huge global shift in the way business is done. Clients needs and wants have changed old business models no longer work. These are challenging times.

Having a vision and a goal knowing how you might want you salon to run and look is so exciting. But really take the time to think it through. ASK YOUR SELF  what is it you really want? What is it you really want to achieve? My advise would be before leaving the salon you are established in, talk with the owner see if you can buy in. Invest in what already exists share your vision share your concerns discuss change.
There is little or no risk in putting out feelers and it could save a great deal of headache in this very fragile economy.  Collaboration and innovative thinking. Having a vision and goals we should all have making them a reality takes a lot of planning forward thinking and soul searching honesty about commitment and risk. You need to work with talented motivated vision sharing stylist's a team. Think your already part of a team why not just adjust the balance of things.

I decided to write this because not to put any one off but as a warning that it takes huge amount of work and commitment with no guarantees. I read so many comments by people struggling to make end meet trying to attract business. Thinking that discounting is the only way forward disillusioned by the industry and what it takes to get ahead. you might end up on your own struggling with being alone!

I exchange e-mails with people who have started businesses and know find themselves struggling to succeed asking what will it take.  Vision, commitment, willingness to change and adapt, loyal clientele, a team that shares your vision, Capital to support you through the challenges that lie ahead. For it's not all smooth sailing.
To succeed you need to. Specialise stand out be different. Be highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of our industry or make sure you have a good team of skilled adviser around you.
Mike B2MR

Monday, 11 June 2012

hair colour hair dye useful facts

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Brief history and information on the chemistry and development in the hair colour process be it professional or home hair colour or dye.
Ammonia  PPD Free Hair Colour Ingredients:
PPD Free Hair Colour ingredients:
Until the early 1900s, hair coloring was made from a wide range of herbal and natural dyes. Flying in the face of other chemists who found the development of hair coloring trivial and unworthy of their time, French chemist Eugene Schuller created the first safe commercial hair coloring in 1909. His invention was based on a new chemical paraphenylenediamine.{ has a petroleum ring to it does it not?}  As does the newest colour  delivery system  MEA based from ethanol-Ammonia see a pattern.
Ammonia Friend or foe!
The two main chemical ingredients involved in any coloring process that lasts longer than 12 shampoos are:
Ammonia - This alkaline allows for lightening by acting as a catalyst when the permanent hair color comes together with the peroxide. Like all alkaline products ammonia tends to separate or open the cuticle and allow the hair color to penetrate the cortex of the hair changes the Ph from our desired 5 to 5.5 to 7 and beyond. Detergent are also an Alkaline when we mix detergent and small amount ammonia we can create a very basic foaming semi permanent or a shampoo rinse!

Hydrogen Peroxide- (also known as the developer or oxidizing agent) This ingredient in varying forms and strengths, helps initiate the color-forming process and creates longer-lasting color.
Hydrogen peroxide is made up of two atoms of oxygen and two of hydrogen H/2O/2 available in both cream and liquid form, In most professional salon found as a cream. Hydrogen peroxide is measured by % hairdressing professional refer to it as being measured in volume.[this relates to the volume of gas being released in the chemical reaction] for the majority of hair coloring the developer is maintained at 30% volume or less.
Alternatives to industrial  professional tints:
These would be known as natural hair colour derived from plants and root extract not to be confused with some of the herbal ammonia free hair colour marketed today. It has been recorded historically that ancient civilizations dyed their hair using plants. Some of the most well known are henna, indigo, Cassia obovata, senna, turmeric and amla. Others include katam, black walnut hulls, and leeks.Presently, there are some companies that do sell alternate-based dyes for people that are sensitive to PPD, a chemical found in most hair colours.
These products are said to be safer products that avoid the side-effects of most industrial tints. The safer alternatives generally contain fewer potentially toxic compounds or are plant based. These products are available in a variety of different formats those being. Temporary Semi-permanent and permanent options.However these products typically do not last as long as industrial tints once again the engine driving the colour can be classed as herbal but it may be just as toxic as Ammonia! grain alcohol known as Denatured alcohol for example Silicone and oils.
It makes sense to use a reputable, ethical, safe hair colour! Good luck with this still not convinced these companies are totally honest in the way they represent the product or the chemistry of the formulation.
Types Of Products:
Hair colour Dyes are available today in all forms. Liquid, powder, oil, cream and gel, etc. Mascaras, crayons and sprays are used as temporary and semi-permanent dying, whereas gel and other forms are used for permanent styling. Once again the products all have different edge or hook those being Oils Silicone.metallic salts and wax the list goes.
We are  all unique! and no one else has exactly the same hue as you!
You might look black, brown, red or blonde, but there are subtle differences.Amazingly nature creates a different dye for everyone using only two types of the natural pigments "melanin": umelanin (black pigment) and pheomelanin (red/yellow pigment). 
In most case the skin colour and tone our eye colour all those different flecks and indeed our hair colour a multitude of shades tones all make us unique and normally compliment each other.
It is all of these pigments that we encounter when deciding to embark on hair colouring. It is this pigment and levels natural shade that we consider when making decisions on a new colour formulations. Knowing what products are how they work the chemistry of any given products is key to being successful and making the correct colour choice and formulation decision. 
Home hair color products fall into the following ranges:

 Temporary – Lasts through 1-2 shampoos.  Coats outside of cuticle but does not usually contain peroxide or ammonia.  Will not lift color but will deepen, brighten or enhance existing colour. this includes the bright   high fashion shades. some of these colours can build up of they can some times result in staining that can stay behind as colour washes out especially on porous hair.

Semi-Permanent – Lasts 4-6 shampoos.  Coats outside of the cuticle and sometimes deeper deposit can be created depending on the ph of the product opening the cuticle layer.  Generally is free of peroxide or ammonia.  May be more permanent in some situations.
Continued use can result in pigment build up/staining especially on very porous hair sometimes have alkaline base to open cuticle this can create build up and staining.

Demi-Permanent – Lingers through up to 20 shampoos.  Deposits colour between cuticle and cortex. normally contain low level of peroxide and/or ammonia. or something that does the same job change the Ph open the cuticle to enable deposit.

Permanent – Cuticle is opened and color is deposited down into the cortex. Contains peroxide and ammonia.  or something else to deliver the colour molecule [eg MEA} Colour lasts until it grows out, is cut off or is recolored.

Highlights – Lifts pigments from the cortex. Contains peroxide, bleach and ammonia. volume of peroxide dictates lift  timing essential.
While Temporary, Semi and Demi- Permanent hues are generally considered safe it is fair to point out there are always exceptions to every hair rule, For example in some situations, wash out tones may become permanent if applied to strands that are porous or damaged from previous bleaching or chemical treatments. What does this mean exactly?
That if you apply a temporary colour to strands that are damaged and thus porous or more absorbent than normal the colour will seep down deep into the cortex and may permanently stain.  Thus repeated attempts to wash out the colour will be ineffective. Again this explanation is true of the bright fashion shades. Build up and staining can create issues when trying to switch into new colours!

 Note:  If you are unsure how your  hair will adopt to hair colour, dial the toll free help lines provided with most home hair colour kits or skip the home colour exercise and contact a professional colourist. or you can at a stretch take a small sample strand from the nape area and apply some colour a strand test.
If you have a good working relationship with your stylist, consider discussing your home hair color plans in advance with them.  
Many hairdressers will be supportive of your goals if you are honest with them.
As stylists we should be professional if in this situation and give good sound advise it will come back to you in positive ways.

I hope this has helped you a little please leave comments views and thoughts Mike B2MR

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hair salon coaching. Salon consultancy career development

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The Salon Consultancy:  Business and staff development through coaching:

What is it that holds salon owners back from asking for help and advise seeking the help of a professional salon consultant?  What makes salon owners wary of accepting offers of help and guidance?
Why are many salon owners stylist's so hesitant to consider alternatives possible new a ways of looking at situation old repeating issues and problems.
Could a personal salon coach help you and your team,would you allow them to share their thoughts and experience with you?
These might be aspects of operational business improvement, salon training, staff development. What holds us back from facing up to personal assessment and growth?

                                                            We can hide behind a mask!

What is it that holds so many of us back from using a salon consultant or coach?  
After many visits to many salons talking with some owners who have been kind enough to allow me a little time I have concluded it's.

Three issues:
Trust, Fear, Money!

                                                     We can face up to things ask for help!

Not always in this order but one or all of the above. I see so many salon's struggling to find an identity.They have not established their brand they have no salon culture! Why is this? With so many salons all trying the same approach to find an endless stream of new clients. As one new salon open's one just down the road fails. Constant signs in windows experienced stylists required. Yet in these same salons. the staff are standing around or maybe seated on the nice garden set out front of the salon smoking.
I see salons that are far from being fully booked expanding hours opening Sunday's yet empty with broad staff standing around in anticipation of a walk in!
Is it not time to take a step back and really look at what you have and the direction you are going in ? If that direction is backward or stationary then you need help. Values, vision, goals.

We all need help from time to time a salon coach could be the answer. 
It is so easy to lose direction lose sight of the targets we set  that vision we had! Remember what excited you about opening your own business remember what you were going to achieve remember that vision. It's time like these that an out side set of eyes a fresh approach a fresh approach salon consultant or coach can help. Yes it takesSome investment but more importantly Trust and commitment to do whats suggested and required. 
Will it cost? Yes of course but it should be that you pay by result! Or that the results are such that it was a good investment. We talk so much about training continued skill up dates .Why not business maintenance and check up from goals to vision to staffing and training and development ? Time to ask some questions

Salon owners now more than ever are considering space rental this in the form of chair or booth rental.
A growing business model fro stylists who want more control in how they manage their affairs and indeed their clients. Salon owners embarking on this rental venture have a responsibility when developing a booth rental establishment to present a stylish and professional image. The booth renter responsibility is to the service offered but also maintaining the image and appearance to still work with the salon owner to develop the salon and culture no free passes. To develop a reputation as a place of excellence for creative and skilled professionals to work. Both salon and business owners and the stylist running a booth rental business need to work together embrace this new growing opportunity. Collaborate to develop a location a business that works for all parties. Share that vision!!!

What makes you stand out? What makes you unique? What makes what you do special?
If nothing it's time for a list to make some change.  Remember it's the experience not the discount ! Clients do not remember the discount they do remember the experience. ! What can you do about this?
One thing is very clear booth an chair rental is growing as a business option driven by the demand of the client. Salon owners have a responsibility when developing a booth rental establishment to present a stylish and professional image. The booth renter responsibility is to the service offered but also maintaining the image and appearance to still work with the salon owner to develop the salon and culture no free passes. To develop a reputation as a place of excellence for creative and skilled professionals to work. Both salon and business owners and the stylist running a booth rental business need to work together embrace this new growing opportunity. Collaborate to develop a location a business that works for all parties. Share that vision!!!

                                                         Reach out for that hand of help!
With regard to your salon consultancy requirements as well any salon coaching and career development             requirements you would like to address.

                                         " The Three R's' Reputation. Recommendation. Retention!

Never forget that our business is built on the Three R's:

It's not built on that constant looking for new clients, it's looking after what you have! It's investing in your self and your business and those around you. It's facing up to challenges it having the courage to ask for help. It's finding a salon consultant or coach that you and your team can work with it's sharing that vision. It's building trust to take the steps to take back the control of your business.
Every Salon is different people personalities principles but in many cases the issues are the same.
As a salon consultant my role is to listen. here your voice your concerns establish your wants and needs your vision and then help guide you forward.
With all the support material available to me and my own personal industry experience i feel that any issue sand challenges that a salon and business face are not insurmountable given some time patients and commitment. A willingness to take the steps required to make change happen a collaboration both thought and action between all parties you the owner your team or indeed booth renters and trust in a skilled salon consultant or coach.
Are you ready: what to re ignite that  Vision that passion that motivation: lets talk
Contact me at:  call 07 828 902 455  Uk number:  Skype discussions  for over sea's.
To arrange a complimentary assessment session:

Remember really it's the salon client who makes all this work! 
Its relating to your clients addressing their issues, listening to them. Being honest open and genuine. remembering little things about them their life that last visit that last conversation. It's about service it's about the experience we share and give.
Remember it is possible to have a long term last relationship with your client care for them and they will care for and about you they will help you build a successful business.
Loyalty. Respect. The attributes we earn through our actions. The service we offer.The care we take.
Mike B2MR