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The dark side of hair colour:

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If you’re are  like so many not blessed with natural blonde sun kissed hair or maybe your unfortunate enough to be cursed with true natural blonde! Maybe you want to tone down your hair one of the best ways to do this without walking out of the salon looking like you just put a wig on your head is to have Demi-permanent hair color  this form of colour leave the hair looking more natural the deposit offering more tone and dimension but has a translucent look to it.

                                                           The big question Why?

Permanent or Demi deposit:
Permanent hair color both lifts you own hair whilst deposits color into your hair.  If your hair is lighter than your target colour there is no need to “lift” your hair  it will introduce unwanted warmth and may damage it . Demi-permanent hair color is easier on the hair but the deposit is deeper than traditional semi permanent colour.

Demarcation lines or  re-growth:
A demi-permanent color will help ease the growing out process because it doesn’t create a stark line in contrast with your natural hair color so long as the correct shade is chosen  as it fades, the lines get a little blurred this form of colour blends and really supports the growing out process.

It helps you to transition to a darker shade if you are unsure about going darker.  In many case a Demi  colour application will last longer than a permanent hair color  due to the fact your not introducing the peroxide and thus lightening part of the colour equation to the hair, it will help the “going darker” process since  hair previously made blonde hair often times needs to be “filled.”  Basically, bleached hair is like a sponge as easily as it soaks up color it loses color.  (Keep in mind that this is also why low light's fade more quickly the more blonde you get in your hair).
A Demi application will help to fill in the gaps so when you do choose to go darker there is something already in the hair for the color molecules to hold on to.
Should you hair be naturally light but you want to try going a shade or a few shades darker the same applies you don't need a permanent formulation.

It's all about change:
It’s an opportunity to have fun.  You can try different tones and different colors without having to worry about it lasting as long as normal hair color.  You can make your hair a “chocolate” brown or you can give it some warmth and make it a “golden brown” or even “auburn.”
Always consider where you natural level sits on a shade chart and how many shades you want to darken it by, also consider that a change in colour will effect skin tone and choice of make up!
A Demi formulation slowly fades out but constant use of this formulation can build up and create a more permanent demarcation line.

Hopefully you enjoy playing with your the darker side! of your hair, that is.  What’s color  do you wish you could achieve with your hair? Or do you like your natural color?
Its all about choice making one and living or maybe embracing the consequences!

Thanks Mike B2MR

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What do you know about Formaldehyde?
What do you know about Ammonia and MEA ?

Some facts for us all to know and so i thought I would share some chemistry with those who might be interested. We owe it to ourselves our work mates and our clients to be informed. We have to make the right choices and also pass on the right information.

What do you know about Formaldehyde?  Yes it's found in many of the keratin relaxer!

What is Formaldehyde? What are the risks?
Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable gas at room temperature. It has a pungent, distinct odor and may cause a burning sensation to the eyes, nose, and lungs at high concentrations. You are exposed to small amounts of formaldehyde in the air. It occurs from both natural and man made sources although combustion is the largest source. There is usually more formaldehyde present indoors than outdoors and is often used as a preservative. Formaldehyde is irritating to tissues when it comes into direct contact with them. Some people are more sensitive to the effects of formaldehyde than others. The most common symptoms include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, along with increased tearing, which occurs at air concentrations of about 0.4–3 parts per million (ppm). The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) states that formaldehyde is immediately dangerous to life and health at 20 ppm. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has determined that formaldehyde may reasonably be anticipated to be a human carcinogen. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined that formaldehyde is probably carcinogenic to humans. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that formaldehyde is a probable human carcinogen.  Given its known health risks, it is important to limit exposure to formaldehyde especially in high and repeated concentrations.

What are other names for Formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde is also known as methanal, methylene oxide, oxymethylene, methylaldehyde, oxomethane, formalin, aldehyde, formic aldehyde, formol, biformyl, glutaraldehyde, ethyl alcohol, methylene glycol, glyoxal and new kid on the block Octanal is known as an aldehyde C-8 which is a formaldehyde based preservative.

What do you know about Ammonia and MEA ? Used as the active Alkaline in hair colour?

Monoethanolamine and Ammonia Fact Sheet
1. Monoethanolamine (MEA) is a stable alkaline liquid.
 2. Ammonia is a gas. 
3. MEA has a larger molecule than ammonia, which means it is less volatile. 
4. MEA does not give off gas when used in hair colour. 
5. Ammonia gas is given off when used in hair colour.
6. Ammonia gas can dissolve in water to form Ammonium Hydroxide, which is highly corrosive. This can occur on the skin, eyes and lungs if large enough amounts of gas are released. (Source MSDS sheet from Airgas Inc.)
7. The Danish government has banned the mixing of ammonia colours in the salon. They have to be mixed under an extraction system in a separate room.
8. The symptoms associated with specific ammonia concentrations are as follows:
0.6ppm-53ppm 25ppm-50ppm
Odour threshold. Irritation of the eyes and mucous membrane, which can be tolerated for several hours. Immediate irritation of the throat which may be tolerated for 1 hour.
100ppm-150ppm (Source MSDS sheet from Airgas Inc.)
9. Ammonia in small doses does not present a health risk.
10. Prolonged exposure of ammonia does present a health risk.
11. Many colours, including Matrix, use ammonia and monoethanolamine.
12. The argument that MEA has not been used long enough to be judged “safe” is completely untrue, it has been used for at least 30 years in hair colour.
13. There is no proof that ammonia washes off the hair and that MEA does not.
14. Tints of Nature uses oleic acid in the formulation specifically to neutralise MEA, so even if the colour was not washed off correctly, the MEA has been neutralised and would have no adverse effect on the hair.

I hope having read this it was helpful maybe pushes a few buttons raises some questions? If so seek out the answers ! We all have choice.
Mike B2MR

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Wedding day hair Consultation practice honesty.


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As Stylist's having the honour  to work with a client on her wedding day should be seen as an honour.For it is such a special day in the eyes of any bride to be. But this honour should not be taken lightly or seen a away to make some extra cash!!! Are you good enough are you up for the task and all that can and will face you . Emotion stress family pressures. Creating that perfect look.
As stylist's we all our basic skill and knowledge we then have the things we love that we excel at could be colouring cutting. How often do we think about our weaknesses? How often do we face  the fact that we need to learn new skill or up date what we have?
Wedding hair has to be of those really skilled in the art of dressing hair! Are you?

                 How are you at putting up hair? do you have the skill? The patients. The Creativity?

The skill re leave college and any said academy with are for the most part so basic colouring cutting and Up-do's a safe set to get you bye but i implore you take the time to hone these skills especially if you intend on promoting your self as a wedding up-do specialist and charging accordingly.
I think that as mentioned so many times the initial honest consultation is key to success honest sharing a vision working out a time table for practice sessions colouring if needed a calender to work with.
Stress to your client that the first session is getting a feel for the hair how it moves lies bends folds, yes it does all this , I firmly believe that hair indicates where it wants to lie how the shape forms all we have to do is watch feel.

A wedding a day a celebration possible the one of the biggest days in any Womens life For any couple a huge day life changing a huge commitment the start of a new journey a new chapter.
All this aside for a women it's so much more it's the event the ceremony. The reception. It's fancy dress it's being the center of attention princess for a day!
Taking the social side and relationship side away for a moment to talk about wedding hair, One can not talk about wedding hair without considering the following. Dress. Makeup Headdress. Theme. Size of event,  Location. Number of guests. Budget. Brides expectations.Oh and HAIR!
Being involved in a wedding is very special it can be stressful for a stylist because of all the stress and expectation around the event, so first question can you cope? Do you like doing wedding hair?
If the answer is no! Take my advise. Don't get involved it's not fair , it's about so much more than a big money day!! It's emotional, It's charged with stress. As stylist's we need to be in control cool calm collected.

                                         It's Wedding day:

A day to celebrate if well planned rehearsed short cuts can lead to nightmares!

This is of course written from a hair point of view but the same can follow through planning of this special day.
Planning for hair starts with knowing the date the time frame having a consultation agree some understanding of a look plan a schedule to work towards make sure that you and your stylist are on the same page you feel confident in what they suggest. [don't feel bullied]

First of all the colour for the big day if hair colour is part of the look these days normally it is to some degree. During the consultation discuss vision goals expectation, how many times will we have to colour from this first meeting until the day.
For me High-lights should be done to grow out as naturally as possible tones and shades that work with skin tone eye colour the hair's natural base shade.
If we are talking colour is it all over solid are we thinking highlights?

So to the look
Make sure your stylist likes putting hair up, also get a quote for the big day like all aspects of weddings the price suddenly goes £££££££! I don't agree with this i think as a stylist it's part of your journey with your client! hey I've given them the up do a wedding gift!
So many stylist resort to hot irons curls and those nasty little white flowers! work with what you have consider will it last all day last through all those pictures. weather is also an unknown!
The way the hair is arranged and done on the day of the wedding is an integral part of the perfect look  Remember that all eyes will be upon the bride from the moment she steps from the wedding car and walk to the aisle towards your groom. So it is important that she looks stunning from top to bottom.
As a hairdresser consider how your clients looks! consider the dress, the neck line a look that compliments and makes her look her best!

As stylist we have a huge responsibility here we can make or ruin this day no pressure ha!
So much to consider to help make the bride look and feel her best consider bone structure the dress cut high collar or plunging  in some cases we might even have to advise on a look in a tactful manner if weight is an issue. The only goal is to make the bride look great feel great your the professional  honesty consultation practice all key to success.

Same thing applies when choosing a hairstyle for you to wear on your wedding day but with an extra factor to consider. Aside from the shape of your face, your wedding hair style and your hair accessories should also be in harmony with your wedding dress for the perfect bride’s look.   
[a great deal of expectation on you the stylist].
So for me I love putting hair up i also like classic looks that stand the test of times! but it's not for me to do what i like what I feel comfortable with. It's for me to listen advise maybe do a few different looks until we start to get an idea of the final look, many Brides start off with a preconceived idea born from dreams and in some cases collected from magazines we have to work through this. Practice sessions, honest communication, consultations, commitment to working together to an agreed time frame.

We can also advise the bride to be. On places to research looks, there are a lot of hair style pictures which they can collect and review from fashion magazines and online sites.
Online sites may be more preferable as they have special features that allow you to determine your facial shape. You can choose from model matching your personal facial features and skin tone or you can also upload your photo and try out different hair styles. This may sound extreme but in the end it all helps!
For long hair and a dress with elaborate back details, i would normally try and advise an up do for  it last longer and stands the test of time but again we have to consider the the brides wishes the hair type as well,
The hair may be curled for a more romantic bohemian medieval  look but i would not suggest this on fine hair that takes hours to curl and may well not last the day. It may also be braided with flowers then swept off the neck to be able to move freely and look fresh up to the reception.
For short hair, tiaras would be a wonderful accessory to wear in place of a veil. Other alternative accessories to make short hair stunning for the wedding are dazzling hair pins or a flower clipped to the hair or stuck behind the ear.
So in this instance having decided on an up do, things to practice and consider
First stage build a base so it's firm and feels comfortable at this point note how the colour works with the look if hair, having prepared the hair we now have to play at this point there is no right or wrong it's getting a feel for the hair playing finding that look!

First attempt above ok but not quite the look I am hoping for a little saggy a little tight but loving the high-lights and low lights they work very well together blending really well with the un-coloured area underneath, after a third attempt you should start to get the look soft yet sleek with lots texture shows off the colour and it works with the client our Bride to be! so it's a process your involved in it's not just taking a booking for a wedding without being involved. it not fair to you or the Bride.

So finally how does our bride to be feel this is key are they HAPPY? if not take it down start again or agree to call it a day but book another session.

As a stylist or client if you cannot get the look you want or don't fell comfortable find some one else or try another stylist.
As a stylist or client if the chemistry is not their pull out Wedding days are full of stress do you like that can you cope with it!

As a foot note the above has been fun to put down as an exercise but think on this.

How much more pressure can be on any stylist? Well consider being father to the bride and Stylist and my ex-wife is attending! No pressure!!!!!
We did find the final look but i will post that in the coming days as this is wedding hair week.

After all that practice take it down relax oh and your left with all that volume! and a smile .

One hopes it's a good day all round.
Mike B2MR

Hairdressing: Apprenticeships training career

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Lets consider apprenticeship and the training it offers!

Is becoming a apprentice the way forward for you. Is doing an apprenticeship the best training. Will it afford you the best opportunities once you have finished your training?

Here in the uk it's fair to say that the government are very keen to promote doing an apprenticeship in most trades. many years ago I myself did an apprenticeship much has changed since those days when at the age of 16 my parents signed papers along with a salon owner committing me to a three year apprentice program. On Reflection I was cheap labor shampoo boy cleaner dogs body. Never given any opportunity to go to college day release.
These days so much has changed and standards of qualification have to be reached. So lets take a look although law's standards differ on a global scale i think the thinking is not that different from country to country.

What is an apprenticeship? 
Apprenticeships enable you to. Practically learn your trade, as well as studying to gain the theory and enable you to receive your qualification. It is a marriage of hands on work experience, as well as having time to get day release to college for your NVQ qualification. They are aimed at young people aged 16 and over, to enable them to earn money whilst gaining experience in a hairdressing environment. Equally importantly the experience gained working in salon environment is invaluable An apprenticeship in hairdressing will normally involve, you working in the salon every day bar one or two when you will be attending college. It can take up to 5 years to qualify as a hairdresser but if your committed work hard show willing this does not have to be the case. So if you have the patience and the commitment to keep at it. Then an apprenticeship would be for you, gaining the experience of salon working  at the same time as doing the college work. The alternative would be college and then having to then find, a salon to gain the experience and skills to be qualified in all aspects of the hairdressing industry.

Are you creative good with your hand? Do you like people? Are you prepared to offer service?

Why do an apprenticeship? 
An apprenticeship enables you to earn a small income.  Whilst working and gaining qualifications needed to become certified .You can use an apprenticeship to gain NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) levels which is what you need to become a qualified hairdresser The main advantage to you as an apprentice, you will also gain many years experience in the practical environment and learn communication skills, people skills, things that are not always best taught at college, as opposed to all that time studying just the theory at college. Employers like to see that their future employees are keen to learn, but also see it as away to bring new energy and levels of talent into the salon team. Because of this salon owners are usually, very keen to take on apprentices
who are committed enthusiastic and willing to work learn be a team player, it's not always easy but it can be very rewarding and fun.

Will I enjoy an apprenticeship? 
When thinking about undertaking a hairdressing apprenticeship, You should be certain that this is the career path you wish to take, hard work for little financial reward long hours. You need to be really focused to be successful, know that you will need to put in the work and organise your time really well to balance salon work, college and personal time, not always easy. I would say it's a life style choice certainly not for everyone. But the rewards can be many, in ways one cannot explain  you must be prepared. To be responsible for all aspects of your life and work ,finding time at work with studying in order to get the most out of it, this can be very challenging, its all about balance. You can’t just work in the salon and not go to college, because this doesn’t meet the requirements of partaking in an apprenticeship scheme. You should also be  prepared to be able to, work as part of a team and as an individual . Make you own choices decisions and live with the consequences for you choices hairdressing has no room for a huge EGO!

Lets face some facts! Answer some questions!

How long does an apprenticeship take? 
This can vary from 1 year to 5; it is dependent on the contract you have drawn up with your employer and on your own ability also.

As a norm 3 years of hard work should get you through to level 2NVQ,. it can take up to five years but within in this you could be, performing many salon tasks. By proving you worth and talent, some salons will promote you and give you opportunity to grow and advance, we all learn and grow at a different pace.

How do I apply to become an apprentice? 
You can call the National Apprenticeships Helpline on 08000 150600. They will provide you with information as to where your nearest opportunities are. They will advise you on the career you wish to take, they will have access to many employers and be able to advise you on where learning providers are in your area.

You can also get in touch with employers directly. Ask them if they take on apprentices or would be interested in doing so. If they do. Then they will probably arrange to meet you, as they would a proper employee and interview you, to ensure you would be a good investment for them to make.
This being said you should also make sure. It's the right place for you, ask to chat with staff members.maybe offer to do a few trial days. This is a big decision. This is a two way thing both parties have to know agree and be committed to this journey together. Not all salon owners have the best interest of trainee's at heart! Some look at it a cheap labor  so ask the right questions make a list! compare what an apprenticeship offers against college or paying to take a shorter route career path by going to a private Academy ! lots to investigate.

Become part of a team! Learn how to communicate! Maybe gain some stage presence !


Use the internet as a tool to help you find. Where takes on apprentices in your area. Additionally, look in your local newspaper and visit your nearest job center. You have to make sure you choose the right apprentice scheme to embark upon as well, so look upon it as finding a job. Check out you college. Find out about the courses, meet some of the instructors, just because they are qualified standards of commitment vary greatly. Make sure you do your research, before applying to ensure that you would be happy, working in the salon you choose and the college you have to attend. This is a big decision.

Explore you creativity discover your self! Hard work but endless possibilities!

Again talk with people. Ask question, read and research. I hope that my blogs help to advise and guide you with this wonderful creative challenging career. 
Mike B2MR

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Salon service . That bit extra

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A true story relayed to me of an experience.

A friend was growing out her hair but like so may women new that part of this process was regular maintenance a trim.  although the model in the picture is not the one in the case example provided the issue was the same and addressed to correct.

Having booked an appointment at the salon a well known and much respected establishment the day arrive she arrived at the salon and met her stylist . Explaining that she was growing out her her and layer and only wanted trim.

The young stylist went ahead and started cutting quite large amount seemed to be coming off up on  completion the result was a re layered much to short cut .
What to do leaving the salon trying to put on a brave face not wishing to make a fuss! This happens oh so often.
Before I carry on. I raise the question Consultation listening to the clients wants. Maybe doing what they request!  Is it that hard?

Upon getting home and seeking advise from a friend. It was decided to call the salon and ask to speak to the manager A call was put through to the receptionist  who although helpful said the manager is out today But here is her home number!  Odd thinks i does this happen a lot?

At the friend rather loathed to call and bother manager home but then thinking hey they gave me the number. So full of courage and still upset the call is made.

The Manager could not have been more helpful and concerned. Offering full refund instantly but also wanting an opportunity to right this wrong! Suggesting a different salon with a very experienced stylist to try and sort this out.
A new appointment booked this new stylist went out of his way to resolve the issues a re cut and change of style was the only way forward.But very attentive and professional and caring .the out come armed with a new look not planned, but so much happier with some complimentary products she left much happier. So the salon refunded. Re did and offered token of products.
Out come wil she go back ,to the first stylist no never the the second stylist and the salon chain yes.
I client served and saved .This is a fine example of customer service and great salon policyIt should not have happened in the first place but it did but so more importantly they took responsibility and sort to resolve the issue.
Well done the salon and the manager who are they AXIS Vancouver BC Canada.

We can all learn a great deal from this example of addressing a situation taking control and putting the clients needs and interests first.  Service. Consultation.Communication. skill.

Mike B2MR

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Investing in ones' self

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea's. B2MR

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea's. B2MR
As a salon owner are you and your staff trained to a high enough level. Do you have the skills and training. The knowledge and qualification to give you that edge.
As a stylist are you challenging your self to stay current. Stay at the top of your creative game. With all the new techniques and products coming to the market we cannot afford to sit back on what we know. It's not enough.

stage work
Succeeding in any. Cosmetology Endeavor demands quality. Professional skill. Creative talent and technical knowledge. In the hairdressing profession many individuals have good artistic skills. But fail to acquire the technical knowledge needed to make those skills truly great.
Would you like to gain more experience in other aspects of the hairdressing Industry. Maybe your goal is to own your own salon. Have your own freelance business. Maybe Become an Educator for a international hair colour company. A platform artist. Artistic team member. College Tutor. Climb that ladder to Salon Management.

Model set for stage presentation
A world of possibilities some not even mentioned here. What ever your goal your dream you have to stay current and up to date challenge yourself have goals.
Deciding on what path to take, where your true vocation lies is not easy, reaping the rewards from hard work and commitment . Constantly pushing your self striving to be the very best you can.
The hurdle and obstacles can seem immense one has to stay committed and focused. Be prepared to face rejection deal with the emotion of how daunting the journey the adventure can be.
Well you don't have to do it unaided we are here to help. With so many talented drive focused stylist. Industry professional how can you get and keep that edge. Become the chosen one in your field or a business success.

Multi toned highlights.
The interview process.The testing. The practical skills. The live presentation in front of ones peers can all seem so daunting and yet  such a worth while challenge.
What ever your choice. To be top salon stylist. Own your own business become a Platform Artist.
There are no short cuts to success. But understanding what works and why, this can really help you over the hurdles to make the right choice to reach your career destination.
Apart from having the right up to date qualifications. Show a history of commitment through education up dates, prove creativity, show service and consultation skills. Have an interest in business management a willingness and wanting to learn.
Let me share with you my experience to help you get ahead reach your goals.
Most professional product companies and organisations. Hair salons. Training facilities have a clear and defined idea about the quality of skill knowledge and expertise they are looking for.

taking a break!
* How will they interview you.
*What might they ask? How will you respond?
*How can you show you have what they need and are looking for?
* How to demonstrate you have the skills. You have the Knowledge.
                                              It's all Possible
Allow me to  offer some help and advise you share our experience our skills and knowledge. lets remove any surprises lets enlighten you and arm you with the tools needed for success.
We can supply the tools are you ready to do the work take up the challenge to take the next stage in your career journey.

avantgarde looks
So how do we get started?
  • Give you an inside look into the world of hairdressing the skills the knowledge the tools required to succeed.
  • Reveal what Salon owners, Professional hair companies are looking for are looking for
  • Show you how to improve your skills and technical ability Knowledge
  • Provide you with real life experience to draw from
  • Arm you with the tools you need to succeed
These step by step guides are a must for anyone who's facing and wants to dramatically improve their chances of success of a career growth within the hairdressing world and all the wonderful opportunities it can offer.
Websters defines the word skill as" the ability to use one's skills effectively' Today's Hairdressers must have a strong working knowledge of hair, chemistry, hair structure before you can effectively show your artistic skill through colouring. Sadly there are no short-cuts to knowledge--the more you understand how hair colour works and reacts on human hair fibers, the better prepared you will be to face the challenges that can will and do arise.
Put aside preconceived idea's and lets explore a world of hair colour possibilities together!
So lets get down to business are you ready to get on the colour bus take a journey with us? You can get on and off at your will but the final destination is Correction control!
Investing in oneself!
What does investing in oneself really mean?  Is it costly?  Is it worth while?  Let me tell you, investing in oneself does not have to be financial -  it could simply be time well spent!  We must all look in the mirror and be honest about what needs attention or adjusting, but the real key is knowing, from the bottom of your heart, what you truly want and where you want to go.  Your vision. your dream,your quest.
This of course does not mean that financial expense is not part of this. Sometimes parting with hard earned cash is the driver and the motivator. to seek help, do the work, reap the rewards.
This help comes in many forms. It could be helpful books, seminars, courses, presentations, demonstrations. The key is to have a vision of what you want, where you want your career to go.
Think of your career as a bus journey. Lots of people on board with you, but hey, you're the driver, take your eyes off the road and oops.
We are all in charge of our own destiny we have to make choices live with the consequences challenge ourselves. Share. net work. use professional training bodies her in the Uk HABIA are such  a key part of our industry ,But they too need the support of stylists and professionals.
so be active have and share your voice.Mike B2MR

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Low light multi tonal colours

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Low Light Colour a technique of going from dark to light adding multi shades:

How can one create this look?  Well firstly I have to state it is dependent on the history of the hair that is being considered for this look.  So it's back to that consultation or being honest with yourself if doing it as a home project.

Their are many formulations that one can explore and experiment with but one has to consider both target colour and effect required, the tone and shade being used.

Lets use a example of level 6 Natural Dark Blonde. One with previous colour history. One with virgin un coloured  or never processed hair.
The Look tends to be a graduated hair cut works well on longer hair.

In the event of previously coloured hair one would expect to see light ends dark roots, for the sake of this lets not go to complicated. So we will presume grown out Highlights and low lights. This look really does create a grown out look going from darker to lighter.
This first example is creating a lighter brighter look lifted roots slightly lighter mid section very bright ends. Ombre technique.
One formulation that will take care of any unwanted shade or pigment from previous colour would be
to highlight maybe slightly thicker than finer.
I would suggest using on our pre-coloured hair  three different levels of Bleach decolouriser fading them into each other. How? You may ask.
Well weave out your highlights to desired thickness having mixed three bowls of bleach.
One with 10 volume peroxide 1part powder to 2 parts peroxide normally makes good consistency but follow directions.                                
2nd bowl  20 volume as above mix    
3rd Bowl 30 volume  as above mix
I would advise using different coloured bowls or mark each one so not to use wrong formulation.

Ready to go. Weave your streak place on foil, easy mesh, paper, what ever you use. Now paste the 10 volume formulation on the roots and as far out as you like, next paste the 20 vol formulation on the mid lengths again as far as you want. Finally 20 vol on the ends.
You have to keep an eye on this as it lifts. You may have to pull some out before your finished, but that's ok. Once all done you have to decide on the tone that you want to blend them to.
Two thing are key to this. Don't do the whole head. Make sure that the lift you get is even down each section and all sections have the same lift.
Think about the pigment you have exposed think about the tone you want use the colour wheel.
One can do the same with any shade  desired. If going darker you will not leave lift only a Demi formulation.
If wanting lighter or richer more vibrant some degree of lift will be required.The success of this again will be dependent on previous history.
But again play with both colour and level of peroxide. Just remember as you up the amount of lift with higher volume of peroxide the more pigment you bring out from the hair.
The skill is bringing out as much pigment as possible without removing it by over lifting! yes a balancing act. over lift and you are losing that extra bright colour you might want. 
example level 6 with formulation using 20 volume peroxide will expose these pigments
*6 level red orange.
*7 orange
*8 orange yellow
If you are trying for a rich red using over 20 volume would bring out unwanted yellow pigment changing your target colour!

More options:
Now lets look at virgin hair I don't think in this instance one would need to use bleach but again personal choice here is my choice and suggestion.
Remember we are starting of with a level 6 natural dark blonde. Things we have to consider when choosing  our formulation. What pigment will come in to play How will it effect our choice of colour.
Using the same highlighting technique as above. Lets play with both shade and lift.
So my choice would be 8A or 9A .why? Well it's an Ash base so will control any unwanted warmth that being [ orange ] Lets use 10 volume on the roots this will lift one level but will expose warmth even with one level of lift. Mid section 20 volume two levels of lift. Ends 30 volume on the ends. Remember your timing and your formulations.
One can also as below mix high lights and low lights some lift with a bleach decolouriser, some  permanent colour,some tone on tone Demi deposit so many options and so much choice.

You could use 20. 30, 40, if you want it lighter. But more lift will bring out more orange. You can also slightly over lap each shade, because although different levels of peroxide all in the same colour camp so no banding.

Take you time think through both. Timing, application, formulation, use the tools available to you. Colour chart, colour wheel. Have some creative fun both with the cut and the colouring technique.
You too could look like a movie star with this technique that allows for stylish casual sophistication.

With this type of colour base you could easily add multi shades Reds coppers with low volume of developer. Maybe some darker shades for added dimension using only a Demi deposit formulation.
remember by adding darker shades you make the lighter shade become the streak. This adds lots texture and dimension without having to over lift the hair.
If adding red or copper one would  use a formulation on the roots with either 10 or 20 volume developer and then use a Demi application on the pre lightened area. So two different formulation on each weave. 
have fun but always consider target colour and look and also the environment previous history to get the best results. Mike B2MR