Sunday, 31 July 2011

Our Love of Hair and home colour.

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Home Hair Colour: THE PIT FALLS,

I have been inspired to touch on this huge subject . Offer some advise and share some experiences gained from so many great years in our industry.  It's very cool.
I will try and cover some subjects from the every day challenges to the creative over the top looks oh and some of the hair nightmares we get to fix and advise on! We all need to do understand how things happen and why ! 
Misuse of products. Miss information. Inpatients and not following guide lines and instructions. We can all be guilty of these things at some point in our career!

I have already posted topic's on this blog site on Bleaching. Lift deposit. Toning . Damage .Condition  but have decided that as topic's they can always be re visited.  Reviewed in depth so will post more individual topics over the coming days. 
In the hopes of guiding and providing information that helps avoid pit falls.

                                      A list of topic's that may well be added to:

Bleaching/ Decolourizer/ Lift deposit?/ Toning.
Metallic salts in hair colour.
Re dying hair/ with Drug store colour / Roots Application/colour Balance.
Removing Colour/ Stand tests/ Condition.
Using Pigment / Under tone pigment friend or foe: 
Bleaching Root application.

I also think at this juncture. That it is worth mentioning that. 
Not all home colours be they permanent tints or fun fashion shade are what they claim to be. It's buyer beware. If  your wondering should I colour my hair will it hold colour a very simple test.

Take a strand test. Remove a small amount of your processed hair and drop it into a glass of water. If it sinks fair chance it will not hold colour and is over processed healthy hair will float. If you have a history of colouring and bleaching it on a regular bases. It may feel slimy when wet sort of stretchy time to give it a rest!! it's toasted! will not hold colour.

Many Products: 
Claiming to be .Ammonia free have something else doing the same Job MEA , Grain Alcohol derivatives. Other products that manipulate the ph of the hair.
They in some cases can contain trace elements of metallic salts. This is why it's essential to do a stand test. prior to applying bleach a chemical reaction can occur creating heat. 
                              In worst case this heat can melt over processed hair

To determine if hair has been colored by a metallic dye, mix 1 oz. of 20-volume peroxide with 20 drops of 28% ammonia. Submerge 20 strands of hair in the solution and let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes. If the hair lightens rapidly, the hair contains lead. If there is no reaction after 30 minutes, the hair contains silver or bismuth. If the solution starts to boil and emits a foul odor, the hair contains copper. Hair that has no metallic salts on it should lighten only very slightly.
I hope that this information is helpful and that the topic's  covered do help with some of the issues that can happen when colouring and re colouring hair. Without knowledge of the products chemistry or formulation the risks of a chemical reaction or poor results or indeed allergic reaction can be a risk.

Although I offer sound advise. Every head is different the  history on any given head is different so information and advise offered is only guidance. Although I am a qualified  professional i cannot guarantee results on any given head.
If in doubt get a professional consultation it should be free and without commitment. 
All of the topic's and articles posted are to try and share knowledge and experience .Hoping to inspire and raise standards.


On a bad day you could end up like this! anyone guess how this 
was done or why?  Mike B2MR

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hairdressing. The service Industry it's strains and demands

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Salon service. The creative skills and talents that motivate and challenges us can also expose weakness and challenges of trying to offer and sustain the highest levels of service possible to an ever more demanding public can have a toll on us all owner's and stylist's.

What can we do to address these issues. Should we take the time to honestly address them?

sharing thoughts idea's

Lack of. Communication. Harboured resentments. Not feeling appreciated. Work place frustration.
The are all feelings we can all have at some time in our professional career and indeed personal life.

These are issues that can be very destructive if not honestly addressed by both salon owners managers and stylist's. It can erode team spirit. Contribute to ill feeling be the cause of self esteem issues. These are the things that if not addressed can reflect in ones personal and work life. In the long term it will effect the quality of the work you produce.

What are they? Fear and Ego. Ego feeds and protects fear causes resentment, it really is unhealthy and very destructive. You may not be aware of this but it can cause issue with owners managers staff mates and interaction with clients! Yikes.
We have to all us honestly take a look at these issues learn a little humility. A pill that is not always easy to swallow.
Dealing with it takes honesty and strength.  Reaching out asking for help and support from others takes even greater strength.
Changes and improvements can be made if all concerned are committed to change and addressing issues openly.
It is my opinion that these two flaw's are the biggest danger to personal and so your salon growth.
If your prepared to do the work by reaching out and being honest, Then take a look at the list below take a long hard look then put pen to paper!  It's an honest self, looking inward getting to the bottom of
Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

1.  Know what happened to us.

2.  Know how we felt as it happened.

3.  Understand the legacy of those experiences:  The ghosts, the monsters and the demons.

4  Come to understand what it is that we want now.

5.  Finally answer the question:  Do I have or we have. The courage to do what is necessary to make it all work? Make it improve.

No rush. It's a journey but getting past the demons of Fear and Ego. Will I promise help you become. A better person. A better stylist, more content, with the healthy degree of humility and understanding. 

Why did? How did this topic come up?  
Firstly it dawned on me that . We share thoughts and topic's on many aspects of our profession. But how often do we take the time with.  Staff. Team mates . Employee's. Owners all to just honestly sit down and communicate. How we feel. What are our fears goals aspirations?

Have I had these feeling? Yes. It takes honesty time reflection communication and honesty.To think about. What we want. Who we are. It takes being prepared to take responsibility for. Who we are .What we do. Learning to live with the consequences of our actions. Considering how. What we do and say can and will impact others.

Mike B2MR

Multi media. Education resource uses in Hairdressing.

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The Internet  and professional groups for sharing and learning

We live on a vast planet ever evolving and changing yet it's so small. We all of us are also constantly evolving. The  business the profession the training the skills all like the planet constantly changing and evolving. In so many cases the day today issues we have in the salon with our clients are unilateral.
Service offered. Standards of skill. Education. Training. Staffing. Client retention.
Same issues yet level's of accepted qualification vary from. Region to region.State to state. Province to Province . Country to country. 
What is global accepted is the exchange of views skill knowledge over the internet . A sharing between like minded professional of knowledge and views. 
Over the last months whilst working to build up an internet presence and indeed a  Net work of contacts. I have had the good fortune to connect with some wonderful like minded motivated true professional.
What amazes me is two fold. 
One the ease of communication on a global scale. With E-mail.  Text. Skype. Video.  It is now possible to by pass the time zones and share thoughts, idea's, net work. share a vision on a international scale.
It is very apparent to me that some of the huge issues that exist here in the UK within our Industry are alive and well every where.  Why did? How did this topic come up?

Firstly it dawned on me that although it's such an amazing networking tool It's emotionless so one has to be careful with the tone of what they write. Also any information shared should be considered before posting not knowing who might read or apply any views thoughts or idea's shared!

Then it dawned on me that so many young stylist's training hairdresser's and indeed Tutor's could gain so much from joining and being active in some of the industry professional groups. That share thoughts idea's and topic's. By having a open honest conversation about issues that arise in the Salon. Be they Service related or skill .Issues of. Image. Communication. Consultation. Or just group issue's and topic's raised.

We all need to constantly work on. Self adjustment . Self assessment on what needs a little honest attention. Are you up for this challenge? 

Find a professional group become active ask question's join discussion's learn grow connect. This goes beyond some of the daily media interaction that we all now use on a daily bases.
Face book. Twitter. Email .Text. It is more focused than these medium's it's you choosing a group to share with lean from. 
This is not written to promote any specific group so I am not posting any links I would however suggested that even if training consider starting to build a professional profile of your. Skill. Qualification.Certification.Training. This may just over time help you and others  as skill and professional qualification become more accepted and Industry recognised. By professional bodies and salon owners.  

For new stylists and trainee's these sights are a great way to access professional help.ask questions get real hands on answer's on anything Industry related. So go on re search a group  build a profile and  a net work Tutor's and educators. 
Build a profile and stay current with industry thoughts views and topic's share it with your students!
Check out a Linkedin as a place to start. Mike B2MR  

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Our hair career. Time to look in the mirror.

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How often as stylist do we take the time to look in the mirror?  Do a personal inventory on ourselves this  is the time to honest reflect on where we are at where we want to get to.
Are we reaching our full potential? Are we offering the best service possible? Do we need a refresher a little update maybe learn or improve on a skill.

Products tools techniques constantly change so must we.  Staying in the safety of zone of what we know never pushing the envelope can and will lead to stagnation boredom!
Sometimes we need to remind our selves of our dreams our goals. What  was it we really wanted to do?  What were the heights we wanted to reach? All easy to forget pushed to the side as other things come into our lives and take president.

The skills we have to have for. Success in our industry to maintain our profession image. We are in the service industry first and foremost make no mistake about this one.
Service. Our communication skills. Our listening skills. Our attention to detail. How we project and represent our selves. Honesty. Humility. Style all key assets to success.

Skills: Product knowledge. Hands on techniques .Creative vision.

All of these skills and talents are. Who we are. What we do! From time to time we forget. That to stay at the top of our game we need to invest in our selves.
A little maintenance are we offering the highest standard of service possible are we getting a little complacent {it takes a big person to say yes!}  are our skills up to date product knowledge!
is it time to seek a little professional help.

Maybe a colour refresher class maybe learn a new razor cutting technique. Want to improve on those up do looks. Maybe just talk about ways to improve the salon day to day running the client experience sales!
How can you find help?  Days can be structured to suit what ever you want to cover. A fresh set of eyes and new perspective on things can open up a whole new exciting era of change.
If reading this you think hey this is me then send that e-mail pick up the phone lets chat let take a journey together.
My web site has all my contact information and full bio on me anything is possible all you have to be is willing!
Thank you Mike B2MR

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Loving that Blonde hair colouring.

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                                                 Creating a Natural Blonde:
                                                               from a Natural level 6 to 9

When we think about lifting hair from a natural level to create a lightened natural blonde look. Many things have to be considered to avoid disaster. Be it with home colour or in a salon for a professional service, it is not just a question of buy the box see the shade slap it on! Even though some advertising might suggest this!
First and foremost you have to consider the Natural level of your hair is it? will it be possible to get the level of blonde you want? If you hair is darker than a level 6  a real light blonde will not be attainable with just box colour! You will always be fighting issues of Orange and Yellow orange Pigment.
At level 5 and Darker you may have to consider lifting your hair with a bleach decolouriser if this is the case toning will be required.
If your in the salon it's consultation time. Assessing the hair and discussing the target colour and finally  discussing and reviewing  long term issues and maintenance.
Also be it salon colour or home colour the following should always be considered with honesty. Past history is a key factor you cannot lift colour with colour going copper to Blonde from a box is not an easy option certainly would not try it at home!!!!

In this example as apoint of discussion lets use a level 6. We have to consider the natural hair pigment that is going to come into play through the lifting process.
In this case lets look at a  target Natural level 9 touching on 10 {As i have stated in the past to go from a level 6 to 10 with high lift tint permanent colour is expecting a great deal from the product!}

When thinking this process through and considering the pigment we are going to expose it will help us get a realistic target shade and save the risk of shocks from unwanted or expected tone maybe that unwanted orange or yellow undertone.

There is a science to colouring hair it can seem scary mainly because it looks complicated but trust me it's a great little exercise to do,  a method to learn and trust.
As we all know hair colour is always a balance of shades and tone: lift and pigment exposed:
Everything starts with our Red, yellow, Blue { then moves into balance of } orange, green.violet.

So lets take a look:
Levels. As we can see on the section of the colour wheel  as we travel from level 6 to level 9-10 we travel from Red orange to undertone to yellow:

lets take a look at lift:

Level 6  when we lift this level we expose  {Red Orange} R.O
R+R+Y  {to balance} B+Y+B balanced shade.

Level 7  when we lift this level we expose  {orange} O
R+Y  {to balance}  B balanced  shade.

Level 8  when we lift this level we expose  {orange yellow}  O.Y
R+Y+ Y  {to balance} B+R+B balanced shade.

Level 9  when we lift this level we expose   {yellow  orange}  Y.O
Y+R+Y  {to balance} B+R+B balanced shade.

Level 1O when we lift this level we expose  { yellow} Y
Y  {to balance}  R+B  balanced  shade

Having taken the time to think through the degrees of lift what we will be exposing we need to think about the pigment we need to replace to have the perfectly balanced natural shade.

So Lets think about Balancing:
level 6 lacks B+Y+B so to balance we need  Ash+ Beige  {ash being blue}  {gold being yellow} 
level 7 lacks  B          so to balance we need   Ash              {blue}
level 8 lacks  B+R+B so to balance we need   Ash Violet   {blue Violet}
level 9 lacks  Y+R+Y so to balance we need   Ash Violet   {Blue red Blue}
Level 10 lacks R+B    so to balance we need    Violet          {red blue}

Now we have to come up with our formula to create a natural tone the perfect natural blonde.

Lets work in Grams 30 = 1 oz
So looking at the above chart we need to count the units of each missing shade.
7 Blue. 3 Red 1 Gold.

The perfect Balance of shades to make a perfect tone:
15 Grams of  Ash { in this case 100A}
10 Grams of Violet{in this case 100V}
5   Grams  of Beige {in this case 100B}
This formulation equates to the required pigment = 7Blue. 3 Red. 1Gold [yellow}

As we know Ash = Blue   Violet =Red+ Blue Beige= Blue+Yellow:

If we look at the above shades chosen for a toner they perfectly balance out the pigment exposed to give us a Natural Blonde no gold no yellow but not dull a perfect balance!
Allow yourself the time to think the process and the formulation through prior to application.

Enjoy spend some time thinking about tone shade pigment finding that perfect Balance. Consider lift tone deposit. The target colour.
Remember it's not a race it's a process always remember the law's of colour trust your colour wheel:
Mike B2MR

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Re visit lift deposit/shade and tone

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A re visit to a topic that I have covered a number of times but one that I think generates much attention raises many questions.
Recently I came a cross some advise suggesting the following:

When doing High lift Blonde if you have an issue with. to much Natural gold pigment being exposed during the lifting process add a pea sized amount of 1N!
Whilst i can understand the thinking behind this... I would class this type of advise One. For advanced colour technicians. Two  as a last resort. I would like to explain why.

First and foremost I advocate when working out a formulation to either weigh or measure product so it can be repeated or accurately changed . Oh and save's product wastage.
So advise like pea size is rather unquantified. How big is any given pea?  It's a little like formulation i see in some instances with a squidge!  How much is that? How much is a squeeze? You get the idea.

So moving on High lift Blonde is designed for lifting Natural hair level 6 to 9  if target colour is a desired level of natural looking Blonde. Any level Darker than a level 5 will not give desired lift and you will have unwanted pigment issues. You may need to lift with a Bleach decolourizer then tone.

When lifting with a normal High lift Blonde formulation from a level 6  with a target colour of a natural level 9 .
We have to lift  through level 6 into level 7 and 8 then lifting or controlling pigment at our level 9

In terms of pigment exposed this is as follows.
level 6  Red/orange
level 7  Orange
level 8  Orange/yellow
level 9 Yellow

These are the pigments we expose and expect to see when lift from a level 6 with a High lift formulation
Normally with a High lift the mixing ratio is 1 part Colour to 2 part 40 vol Developer.

The higher level of developer is to achieve the required lift with a development time for lift and deposit of 50 Minutes. [ heat does not accelerate this formulation or timing]
As we can see from above information if we have an issue with unwanted gold pigment being exposed we have an issue with either the natural level we started from or the formulation/timing.

To Much Gold suggest's not enough lift. What we can do ? Is a Natural controlled blonde shade attainable? Of course it is. We have to look at our formula an address the issue of Pigment exposed and how to control it. Consult your shade chart and your colour wheel.

Yellow Orange would denote or present as Gold hue so to control one would need a Blue /violet formulation to address and or tone .This can be seen both on the basic colour wheel above or the provided pigment correction chart. I would agin suggest if Gold pigment is the issue then you have
only lifted then hair to a level 8 exposing the pigment at that level.

Easy to solve give it some thought think the process through it's all about balance of pigment.
Consider this.
Level 8 has a Yellow/Orange pigment showing as Gold or Y+RY= Gold
Level 8 pigment lacking to restore balance and tone             B+BR= Blue/violet.

How does this work for it's a basic colour equation.We all know that our primary colour are Red/yellow Blue it's a balance of these shades at any given level that give us our natural levels or N series.

When we lift hair exposing pigment  we strive to restore that balance of R+Y+B= N natural! yes it's that easy. Do have questions  about this ? feel free to post

In closing the suggestion of 1N pea sized! would be because of the pigment making up that said shade being that Dark at IN  It is a predominately. Blue based shade with Blue Red Blue. This agin gives us Blue violet tone. But in a rather unorthodox way! It is also worth a mention that with some of the new products that are colour additive accelerants are used they will increase the process time. But it's worth considering. If the process will the speed up. Will it allow for full pigment development needed to control pigment exposed in the lifting process? Just a thought.

I do hope this is helpful as always before trying anything suggested o line take some time to think it through ask questions. Discuss with fellow professionals.
Mike B2MR

Hair colour product. Information review..

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Discussion sharing thoughts and views:

Smoke and mirrors:

In a recent exchange of thoughts with a fellow industry professional we were sharing thoughts and comments around policy and what is accepted as common place with professional hair colour manufactures. The practice of deploying clever marketing tactics to promote products in some cases cases certain Ingredients are promoted whilst others are disguised or played down.
In some cases companies work on the assumption that the majority of users or consumers do not know any difference when the topic of ingredients are raised and their short / long term effect.

We as stylist colour technicians hairdressers owe it to our selves and our clients to be well informed and try to educate our clients on this subject. We cannot do this unless we ourselves stay current and educated.
In the same exchange of views. The issue was raised as to training knowledge of stylists and interest in products ingredients it was suggested that. Many hairdressers and colorists do not consider internal knowledge of ingredients an issue, it was also suggested that for a few. Performance is key and most stylists are content to be part of an industry that  revolves around beauty and creating beautiful color, and the reality of our business is generating results that provide a complimentary service for which people pay a premium. 
My view on this is that whilst I agree with this in principle . But don't see how. Being informed and educated. Being able to inform clients openly about any given product would or should effect our creative talent. clients who are paying a premium should be doing so in the knowledge that the person doing the creative work is well informed and educated and not just using products that some corporate entity or large manufacturer has produced a slick advertising campaign for.

It was also pointed out to me that our lives are touched daily with ingredients that would shock most. However this is a commercial world we live in and is based on reality. Does this mean we should not question does this mean we just have to accept it? I hope not. I think not. Transparence inspires trust!
Manufacturers share technologies and ingredients and their resources are limited to what is tried, tested and approved by the cosmetic federations governing safety and usability. 

This was and is not the point products that are tested  and certified as safe can be changed when certain elements come together also many ingredients are disguised and represented if different ways.
I am only saying we as professionals have a right to question and decide. We should not assume everything written on the box is gospel. Manufactures and corporate concerns should hold professional stylist in higher regard when it's comes to standards of knowledge and education.
In Closing we can as stylist change this attitude of need to know bases education, demand transparency of chemistry and ingredients and effects from manufacturing by questioning becoming educated ourselves and of course most importantly by use!

It is through. Asking questions. Raising issue. Communication. That we can instigate change with both colour companies. Honest. Open discussions all will lead to professional having access to products with a chemistry they can trust.
This same discussion I believe forced many of the companies producing Keratin based smoothing products.The Initial fears about formaldehyde having been addressed to satisfy both stylist's and clients.
On this topic I have written to a company producing a smoothing product fro more information.
I await a response.    


Blonde to Brunette

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How do you go from brunette to blonde? What are the pit falls things to look out for? How blonde can you go?What shade should you expect to achieve from a brunette level 4to5? I raise this questions because skin tone, eye colour. also play a role when switching colour.

Brunette to Blonde  can certainly have it's challenges. Having decided how blonde you want to go you then have to decide on. All over colour or highlights? If your hair is Naturally Brunette level 4 to 5 then the lighter you go, the more issues of warmth will come in to the equation. Also roots or regrowth have to be considered.
Brunette natural lifted 4 levels still very warm.
As you lift your hair the pigment it contains is exposed. So as you lift from natural level the first tone you will see is red. Second level would be red with orange hue. Third level would be orange. Forth level orange yellow. This amount of lift, that being 4 levels can be reached with high lift colour and using the pigment it contains to control tone. Any thing lighter than four levels will require Pre-lightening.
Consider what shade you want. Maybe highlights and low lights would give you a lighter but more natural look. Lots to consider.
I strongly suggest a professional consultation before embarking on this. It's not just slap on the shade indicated on the box.
pre lightened and high lighted
If your hair has been coloured to a Brunette shade and your wanting to go Blonde you really need help you could end up with a hair night mare. many issues when doing this procedure. Be warned you could end up with yellow roots orange mid lengths and red ends!! Consultation honest advise good service from a knowledgeable Styling and technical team.

Some the issues raised, have covered in past blogs and topic's  Lift deposit,Tone, highlighting and Blonde looks feel free to look at back issues or ask question via blog contact.

Considering how light to go can take some thought. Hold light swatches against your skin, hey try wigs you will be amazed how skin colour, eye colour. Changes when you lighten your hair.
Also make up and indeed choice of clothing colour shade and style might have to be thought about.

Good luck be brave but consider it harder to go light and get the right shade than going back to natural or darker!

 How dark? How blonde? much to Consider. Just remember skin colour, eye colour, Pigment and tone.
have your stylist explain this to you.
Mike B2MR

Friday, 22 July 2011

Cutting hair with. Elec clippers

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When we think Electric clippers most of us think head shave to some degree and numbered guards. Who make the best clippers.well many different barns but Wahl make the best without a doubt.  Oyster also make really good clipper's I have to say i do like the clippers that are air cooled.
The shot below with the huge Blonde main was cut on stage just using clippers. Having taken the model on stage with one length hair that was added as extensions prior to going on stage so anything is possible just open your mind.

We don't have to think head shaving although that can have artistic merit's one can use clipper's to do freestyle hair cutting anything from a blunt Bob to scissor over comb work. Yes if you. Understand  weight distribution, form and shape anything is possible. You just need to be creative and challenge your self. Put those scissors down and experiment.

Once we understand angles and weight distribution and so creating shape then the tool we use to do this open up so many possibilities. I truly think that more stylist should use clippers razor's become professional and skilled using all tools available to us. Part of this is understanding weight as stated . I hope the above diagrams will help.

Explore using electric Clipper's have some fun start off with willing models but push and challenge your self. Become an comfortable and skilled with all your tool's.

Again invest in a good set of clippers and if you need them guards. I don't get paid in any way to provide this material  hence providing both links! Mike B2MR

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What next in the hair Industry.

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR. Regular postings of fresh new topic's 
sharing techniques

A little self indulgent. As I write these blogs and post articles. I pause I take time to reflect on what next.
I constantly search for new places to connect with other professionals and groups to stay current to stay in touch with all that is new and topical.
Where does the next challenge lie? What direction will my career take me in. Will any more doors open. What opportunities will arise. I trust that if one puts out positive thought supported with positive action only good can come from it. Sharing what you know the experience you have is also key
What do I miss being behind a chair? What would I like to do next ? A hard one to answer being honest with one's self! I think we have to constantly move forward grow and face new challenges.  My career to date has afforded me so many opportunities. Many of these just seem to appear come out of left field. So I have to trust an opportunity will come out of all this Net working and Blogging.
At present I am really enjoying and learning so much about both the internet and connecting up all the various media applications available to us.
My passions being. Working with others. To share the experience I have gained over the years.
From.Platform work in conjunction with. Artistic team work. Education work or just working with Individual salons and hairdressers. To improve skill and knowledge. I really think that the keys to individual successes vary for us all .We are all different  we all have different challenges and motivation.We all have different standards this is dependent on the Individual and their situation.

These situation and standards vary so much.

If in a salon.
Relationships between. Owner. Management. Staff team. Image. Service. Consultation. Sales skills. Product knowledge. Jointly sharing a vision those goals.

For the individual stylist. Service first and foremost!
Education. knowledge. Technical skills. Communication skill. Consultation skills. People skills.  Followed by goals, motivation ,inspiration, creativity.

Opportunities career direction.

Colour technician. Educator for colour company.Platform artist.Artistic team member.

Competition work. Photo shoots. In house model nights and training, product knowledge.
All these above are aspects of our industry. The things that all salons at some point need to look at, they need to address these to stay current. To keep up with the constant changes and demands in our industry.

With so many distributors. Offering products on line, having face book pages, being interactive with clients. Those clients being us the salon owners. The stylist.  The support required is both. Practical. Technical. It's help and advise, access to demonstrations, education events, knowledge sharing.
The perfect situation would be, to work with a distributor, to share knowledge and experience. Whilst promoting products through. Education. Service and consultation skills,
This i did very successfully. Whilst working with a major distributor, doing platform work and artist   team work, all whilst representing a major colour company. It is my belief that education and sales go hand in hand. Sales funds education, education, stimulates sales. Through knowledge and experience.

At this point in my career I'm beginning to feel that I having a full understanding of all the different products sold over the counter. Having said that they still keep changing tweaking re packaging. We have to stay on top of. How they work.What's in them.and why.It's essential to stay current and keep up with these ever changing products and the technology they bring.
We have to be able to. Explain and give reason to clients.What these products do show why. The services we offer and perform are worth while. That we are the experts. Who understand the chemistry of hair, also understands the down side and indeed pitfalls, that can be associated with, the use of some of these unprofessional store purchased products, be that colour or home hair relaxer's.
From a clients point view. They can only know what, the adverts and media portray. They don't know or have the product knowledge. To understand what might happen. What the ramifications could be from misuse, that's out job. The professional. To advise.To recommend. To inform. This is not selling. this is doing our job and the consultation correctly. Being totally professional.

Back to me. My next path. My Journey. Will it be. Education. consultation and sharing Promoting Education training and work ethic's an opportunity doing any of these are my goal.  year. Using all the experience I  have gained along with my belief in. Raising both the bar and indeed the awareness of issue relating to our profession.Working with and helping others to grow. To be as successful as they want to be, for it is in every ones hands. To make the changes to grow and succeed.
What ever you read and see on the internet offering help and advise always do lots of re search ! Some of that advise is polluted tainted just bad. Be warned get informed.  

Growing and developing our Business:
How do we do this without investment ? what do we invest in? what do we expect to see as our return on investment? How do we decide?

So many thoughts and questions :
Are you like so many your salon is a good steady business but you feel it could be more. It has so much potential if only.
We had a higher profile!
If i could attract another really good stylist!
if we had more client retention?
If overall sales were higher.
Stylist demand so much. Commission Chair rental. issues!

How do you reach these goals these targets? How do you decide on a path to reach your goals is it possible?
The answer is a very big yes! But sometimes you are so much part of the salon and so part of the issues you cannot step back a look at things in a new and different way.
With over 35 years in this industry my goal is to help advise and get you to that next level is it a journey you want to take?  then lets connect. lets see if we can work together for like a client stylist relationship it has to work are you up for a challenge.
If so all my contact details are and brief bio on my web site:

Lets get you on a new road lets take a journey together.
Mike B2MR

Wedding hair looks and style

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Wedding hair and the Bride:  Such a big day for any women fairy tale day princess for a day.

Princess for a day every Brides dream and so easily shattered when it comes to the look the style.
As stylists we must take the time to communicate and listen to the bride.Share a vision have consultation and practice.

What we want to see is a happy Bride on her wedding day stress free guests looking on in ore of the bride her dress her hair her make up. The full package.
What a great way for you as stylist to advertise your talent, get recommendations and referrals. Stylist who do not enjoy putting hair up the wedding stresses should not do weddings. Especially if! MONEY IS THE ONLY DRIVER!

Classic looks that stand the test of time and stay in place all day. Elegant soft and practical. An up do can look like apiece of art.

Work with the lines of the dress if possible! in this instance i did not see the dress but lucky for me the effect worked so well.

finally evening looks elegant soft but put up to stay. Showing off colour shape texture and form a classic.

Then we can also have the extreme all is possible maybe not for a bride but for  a look it's hair have fun
so have fun .push your self work with your clients. Mike B2MR.