Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hair Salon. Brand Image repuation

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Brand. Image. Reputation:

We all work so hard to create a brand that says who we are. We create and image that projects our vision and supports our brand.We work to turn our vision into a reality.We build our reputation.
We start of with such high expectation. We believe and trust we will be a success.

Why do we then cheapen all we have worked so hard  for? We compromise put ourselves down cheapen all we have created by offering discounts why? Do we not believe in our selves has our vision changed? What does discounting really say about your brand?
Maybe it suggest's struggling and are desperate for your business? Rather than professional creative talented styling team. Offering the highest standard of skill and service at competitive rates.

What would appeal more you? What would appear the more professional image and approach? We have to consider  these questions. If we are to really address this discount mentality.  Consider that competition is not a good thing at the best of times. Competition in the salon creates a higher ache that creates issues of  over inflated EGO. It's negative. An environment of sharing, in salon mentoring, collaboration a meeting of the minds, open innovative discussion, a sharing of that vision. Not that mentality built on who's the best!
Competing with salons around you to see who can go the lowest to attract the most is just wrong.
It's crazy! it's a no win market .

Think about your Brand how can you create a niche market?
Think about your vision surround your self with people who share it?
Think about the salon image ? what do you really want it to say ?
Think about your reputation ? what is that worth?
Think about that Street appeal ? those tacky photo copies?

It's only when we really honestly consider these issues that we can really start to see the folly in a discount driven mentality and market.
We have a salon we have a price list .Then we have a huge sign saying 30% off or we plaster the window in discount offers to the point that no one can see in. See what the salon is doing. what it offers enabling the potential client to get a feel for what is being presented.

We fill the window with products we are not first and foremost a retail product store we certainly go get paid to display these products in our window promoting the manufacturer. We have to buy them and then re sell them. We can only re sell them by recommending them to our clients. To do this we have to get then into the salon. If we have discounted our rates right down then why would they pay full price for products?
This is mostly com one sense  but some where along the way we have got lost we have been sucked in to this business model  that is so from our vision that we falter. We get over whelmed we feel lost consumed.
All of these salon's are in the same town all within a few minute wool of each other .So you can see in trying to appeal they all look the same. It does not work .It's tacky!!!!!

Take a step back be honest. What do you really want? How can you get back to your vision? Why did this happen?  Maybe you need a little help or advise? Would you like to discuss your situation ? If so let me know. See contact section.

Mike B2MR:
Lets talk, lets share some thoughts, lets get you a new look, lets get you back to. Your vision. Your brand

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Affiliate sharing. Challenging times in salon and spa

Back2myroots : A place to share thoughts and grow idea's. B2MR

For some months now i have been talking with and sharing a vision with Karen and David owners of
                                                            [karen David Salon success].

We have been discussing collaboration, affiliation a sharing of views thoughts and opinions. Having never met in person our relationship has developed on trust and mutual respect, learning and listening to each other views and opinions. Quite a few hours of on line Skype conversation. This all bring me to this point one of being able and ready to share with you all access to some really motivation support material.
To reach this point over the past moths as an exercise i have participated in the online program. It works it' raises questions it provides the answers to motivate it works with you to make and implement change.
The question is are you ready?

We live in a time of global shift in economy and business and consumer demands.We live in a world of instant communication net working and promotion.
We live in a time when. What used to work no longer works. What was the normal seasonal business module no longer works or can be relied on. We have clients who demand more are better informed have more choice. We all need to embrace and face these challenges we need to take action. It going to take innovative thinking staff collaboration and commitment to change. A real willingness and want to succeed.

The tools are here: The support is here:

Are ready to take them up get busy do the work reap the rewards?
Is your first step to achieving consistently high salon sales. You have way more control than you realise when it comes to managing and retaining your clients -follow every step in this book and get off the sales rollercoaster.
From increasing sales through your appointment book to your in-salon marketing system, this step by step action plan is everything will take you a whole lot closer to having the salon you only dreamed was possible.

I'm so excited that this material and links are now added to both my website and blog so that i can share these wonderful tools with hairdresser's stylist's trainee's
This will also provide access to the mentoring consultation program provided by and Karen and her husband David. They both have such commitment to our industry they share their vision an expertise to help other succeed. With huge success in Australia and New Zealand a growing team of business coaches. It's time to share that passion and experience with everyone looking to face challenges and create change.

In writing Double Your Salon Succes, Karen Lynch shows she has a true understanding of the hairdressing world. She reveals the very essence of what makes for success by identifying the combination of service, consultation and sales that are needed to grow and be current. This book encapsulates so much of what we as stylists forget or take for granted. As Karen shares with us Pamela and Skye’s journey, she takes us on a roller coaster ride from start to finish. She reveals their struggle to make their dream a reality which is at times frustrating and emotionally upsetting and at other times exhilarating. As we read, we think “hey, that could be me; that is so right; what a great idea.” From start to finish, this book is a thought provoking and entertaining read that will leave you wanting to take the challenge to walk a new path to success.

Over the past three months I have participated in the online Salon success program. My reason being to understand how it worked and to fully grasp it's effectiveness in relation to being salon support tool and program for both salon owners and stylist it works
It's challenging it offers so much martial and support but it also raises question that only each participant can answer in way that works for them their vision and goals.
I really is very comprehensive  it has been created by industry professionals for industry professional both salon owners and indeed stylist. I endorse fully what this program can offer and would encourage any one feeling that they need help or that might be feeling they have wondered from their path a little lost or over whelmed to take a little time to research this salon and business support program an call the support that it offers.
As with all support programs there is work to be done it can be challenging. It certainly will question some of your old habits. Show you a new way forward it's all down to commitment and motivation. Yours!

Mike B2MR.
Mike Vallance

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hair industry influences and change

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The hair Industry is multi dynamic in it's many branches that come together under the heading.
                                                                           'Hair industry'

From: The salon to manufacturing from manufacturing to education skill training, personal development. Career path and challenges.
Educator, artistic team member, platform artist, salon owner, manager, freelance/chair or booth renter.
distributor or sales representative.

Change happens it's constant from the products that are available to us. This new must have technology  we have to have. However we also need to question how and why they work understand any side effects Are they safe ! We must be educated on these products feel confident they are safe for us and our clients.
What dives the invention and investment into research of new product technology? Is it sales and profit yes of course. First and foremost it's driven by Media demand from promotion and advertising. Now with the internet with the tablet with the android more than ever, clients can see it see instantly the results see the look they are hooked they want it!
Of course it's our job to deliver but it's also our professional duty to be the moral compass. We have to have the knowledge and the skill to inform advise and educate our clients on the products it's pro's and con's for there will always be both!

This economy this global shift has been a wake up call to any one in business and we in the hair industry are not and have not been immune to this. The seasonal spikes that we could rely on no longer exist that Christmas rush that spring make over that pre holiday do!
Staying in touch with discussion groups and forums shows me that many salons are struggling, many are looking for a way to turn things around. Many are relying to discounting, some are taking short cuts maybe compromising on product quality. Just treading water trying to survive.

We all need to take a deep breath evaluate where we are what we want. Re visits those goals that vision and re focus. We have to embrace new technology. We have to collaborate more with staff or team members. Learn to use the power of the media social net works collaborate with staff to promote the salon it's services in a positive way.
Be strong enough to seek out professional help and advise. Maybe we need to think of this shift as a new beginning, a time for reinvention, a time to revaluate and start with over with a new rekindled energy and out look, Change and indeed challenges can and do seem so daunting because it forces us to look at things in different light encourages us to think out the the box.

We can all make difference in so many ways. Start with that vision build your team have an ongoing in house training program. Develop your team have apprentices train then share your skills investing them they are the future become the teachers develop your an their future, use the colleges for the theory for you trainees to get certified work with the colleges and collaborate on training for they certainly don't have all the answers they need also to adapt to the industry changes and salon demands.
Work to develop these young enthusiastic creative stylists grow with them, grow develop and learn together.

Products source what works for you both for salon use and retail don't carry to much stock. Address the skills and passions of each and every salon member, encourage courses and extra training both in salon and external. work with your manufacturer and supplier on education up date and in houses training events. . The salon as a whole has to have the highest standards of training and expertise, individually encourage  specialisation become unique a destination location a place of excellence in even field. The palace that is talked about a place that people want to be associated with. Community involvement, be it linked to the gym healthy centre or supporting local events collaboration innovative thinking.
How do we get beyond thinking of 'clients as one time walk in's' and consider them as long term potentials?

When will we start to consider all those clients who 'come once never to return' ! Those lost opportunities to make a first and last impression. When will we take the time to think. 'In fixing someone else's mistakes' will it could it cost me potential 'Clients'. Part of this new thinking is. 'We are in the service industry'. 'We are not in the server industry'. Professional boundaries and mutual respect must exist. The client is not always right neither are we balance and being open to change and the unexpected and dealing with and addressing issues solving problems.

That first impression the personal image we present. How we communicate and articulate our suggestions the art of listening. Being a professional in your field of expertise thus giving sound advise. Executing and delivering the service advise in highly skilled professional way with the highest expertise and skill offering a wonderful experience. Charging for your time and expertise. No discounting. No little bit off at the cash register. Being paid for a job well done. This is what a client expects and wants nothing more nothing less. Discounting could suggest that 'you did not do your job as well as you could have'. 'It will be better next time'. 'Thank you for letting me try'. 'Sorry i could have tried harder'. Do any of these a good message? a message of professional confidence and assertiveness.

Yes things have changed they will continue to change to challenge us so we have to learn to embrace adapt and be ready so that we can keep up with the every changing demands and wants that our industry dictates as it grows and developed. We all have the strength to do this .We can also connect with other professional share experience seek advise offer advise competition is not always a good thing  it can become so distractive and negative both within the salon and  if competing with business around you. Discounting is competition sadly it's not he who gives the biggest discount who wins.

We all have new technology new products new tools. Constantly changing techniques and demands to sill levels. We have an industry in a state of flux. We have change and challenges to face. We have social media devices and we all have to embrace all the changes and the challenges they pose. Exciting times is the only way to look at it.
Mike B2MR