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Ombre hair colour.The latest innovative fashion colour

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What is Ombre  hair Colour? How to do Ombre hair colour. Some thoughts and idea's on this look some 'Ombre hair colouring tips'.
This was a new hair colour sensation.Now months later it's still here it's no longer just  a trend. So what is Ombre hair colour? How did  it evolve? Simple  From women wanting change from women wanting less colour from wanting a new look a more casual constructed and yet deconstructed look so 'What is that Ombre hair colour' ! That look that evolved from letting colour grow out creating a root issue that needed to be addressed.  However it does seem  as this has evolved  that it allows for the roots to be blended in to some degree. More importantly getting away from a need for such a solid and in some cases over processed look. A casual more carefree look that still has shock factor and yet still conforms!
Ombre hair colouring tips.
Ombre hair colour.
Colour Ombre hair.
How to do Ombre hair colour.
What is Ombre hair colour.
Colour dipping.

How can one create this look?  Well firstly I have to state it is dependent on the history of the hair that is being considered for this look.  So it's back to that consultation or being honest with yourself if doing it as a home project.There are many formulations that one can explore and experiment with.But one has to consider both target colour and effect required .The tone and shade being used.
Lets use a example of level 6 Natural Dark Blonde. One with previous colour history. One with virgin un coloured  or never processed hair. The Look tends to be a graduated hair cut works well on longer hair. In the event of previously coloured hair one would expect to see light ends dark roots, for the sake of this lets not go to complicated. So we will presume grown out Highlights and low lights. This look really does create a grwon out look going from darker to lighter.
One formulation that will take care of any unwanted shade or pigment from previous colour would be to highlight maybe slightly thicker than finer. I would suggest using on our pre-coloured hair  three different levels of Bleach decolouriser fading them into each other. How? You may ask.Well weave out your highlights to desired thickness having mixed three bowls of bleach.
One with 10 volume peroxide  1part powder to 2parts peroxide normally makes good consistency but follow directions.
2nd bowl  20 volume as above mix
3rd Bowl 30 volume  as above mix
I would advise using different coloured bowls or mark each one so not to use wrong formulation. Ready to go. Weave your streak place on foil, easy mesh, paper, what ever you use. Now paste the 10 volume formulation on the roots and as far out as you like, next paste the 20 vol formulation on the mid lengths again as far as you want. Finally 20 vol on the ends.
Or of course you could use the dip technique and just lift up the tips creative and can if done well look great!! You have to keep an eye on this as it lifts. You may have to pull some out before your finished, but that's ok. Once all done you have to decide on the tone that you want to blend them to.Two thing are key to this. Don't do the whole head. Make sure that the lift you get is even down each section and all sections have the same lift.
Think about the pigment you have exposed think about the tone you want use the colour wheel. Now lets look at virgin hair I don't think in this instance one would need to use bleach but again personal choice here is my choice and suggestion. Remember we are sating of with a level 6 natural dark blonde. Things we have to consider when choosing  our formulation. What pigment will come in to play How will it effect our choice of colour.
Using the same highlighting technique as above. Lets play with both shade and lift. So my choice would be 8A or 9A .why? Well it's an Ash base so will control any unwanted warmth that being [ orange ] Lets use 10 volume on the roots this will lift one level but will expose warmth even with one level of lift. Mid section 20 volume two levels of lift. Ends 30 volume on the ends. Remember your timing and your formulations.
 You could use 20. 30, 40, if you want it lighter. But more lift will bring out more orange. You can also slightly over lap each shade, because although different levels of peroxide all in the same colour camp so no banding. Take you time think through both. Timing. Application. Formulation. Use the tools available to you. Colour chart. Colour wheel. Have some creative fun both with the cut and the colouring technique. You too could look like a movie star with this technique that allows for stylish casul sophistication.
This style and creative look has a natural edge to it and yet rings of creative style and freedom for both client and stylist to try some techniques slightly out side of the box with both application and formulation. I was and am very excited to be talking about a look that i think really works on so many levels and is good for both the client the stylist and the salon.
Colour dipping
With the evolution of extensions being much more common place so comes creative ways to add colour and dimension to any look without it being permanent. These flitches of hair purchased can be dyes most shades and styles to suit. WE used to use these for Avant Garde hair shows not it's hit the high street and it's considered acceptable fashion and hair accessory .
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