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A salon and spa. Cultivate success.

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A salon and Spa.
Cultivate your team. Cultivate your their clients.Cultivate success

How to build a hair salon. How to create salon success. A question that gets asked so often.What is the way to build and create successful salon. Is it the location? Is it the skill of the staff or team? Is it pricing? is it image and or appearance?
What do you think? What would make your Salon and Spa a success? First and foremost you have to have a vision for what you want it to be. A blue print for your salon success. Location, skill pricing all play their part in this. But first and and foremost it's vision and commitment to wanting that salon success.
What does this take. Drive. Passion. Motivation. Creativity.  Hard work, dedication, focus determination to succeed. Team work!

Values what are yours ? Have you spent any time considering these ? Why you may think well that's easy!   It's not think again! You need to think on this one! They are at the heart for who you are what drives you wants acceptable to you.
They will be part of your salon Brand and identity and culture! They could be Respect. Humility.Trust Honesty. Equality. Diversity. These are just examples! This is quite personal to each and every one of us.

It's once we have established our values we can realise our vision. Not just the reality of location and look but also start to find the right mix of people the team we want around us that team we need to build for that success. Unless of course you are going it alone as a Booth renter or indeed in some way freelance. Both of these are admirable both still have all the challenges mentioned above you still need a vision you still need values. It's a single minded path lonely at times lacking input from others. Lacking that group motivation or team sharing of the creative ideas' that drive and inspires us. I think it takes in many ways a very focused and motivated person to go it alone. The values would reflect this. Knowing what drives and motivates you maybe it's money power thats you see as success?

Then the business model the fun stuff for many the salon look the decor. The brand starts to take form the coming together of the team from the receptionist to stylist and the trainee. Back to that vision. Standards training. skills level swerve sot offer! Products to use in house and retail. Product knowledge. Retail display area.

The challenge cultivation of clients! This come from service skill the consultation. The experience we provide.The best way to cultivate a solid clientele is through repeat business and them recommending both salon and stylist. It's through trading even salon client as if the visit were their first! Many salons lose clients on a regular bases those clients who are or were new to the salon They came once never to return this is the business to keep ! Not a continued supply of new ones.  Keep salon records of client retention if sue one does not come back follow up find out why then fix the problem. If it 's a certain staff member address the issue help them get the skills to fix the problem. Be it hands on or technical skills or personal development. Communication. Consultation. Attitude skills. Multi media. Social media  and computer skills.

It comes back to that vision. Those values.That salon culture.Brand and image.Where do you start with finding the right stylists and team members. Do you take on newly qualified college stylist? Do you find seasoned professional? What do you think? Remember Standards and that vision. On interview do they share your vision or understand it. Are they willing to help to make it a reality? Inspire those you are going to work with develop a culture that is innovative creative. One that encourages Collaboration but still promote the salon culture and brand. Don't settle for second best or compromise on your goals and vision.

What does success mean to you! This goes back to those values is success judged in monetary terms or achievement of the vision becoming a reality. Through this whole process will there be challenges will it all be smooth sail ! Da....... Is ever day sunny! Challenges the unexpected are all part of life the drama as it unfolds what defines us is how we deal with things knowing that we are not always in control but can adapt with out being phased or having to point the finger of blameless where. Being accountable and responsible for our choice sand actions.

Success could be defined as being as different for each of us as our values are or our vision is. for me success is trying something new sometimes accepting failure as part of the learning of moving forward Challenging my self and others around me. Being challenged. Being questioned. Seeking answers. knowing what my true values are. How about you ?
Mike B2MR

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