Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Salon Spa. The client or Guest!

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Are our clients. Are guests. New friends is there a dividing line ? How do you class them ?
Many new terms for our clients. How do you feel about the term Guest instead of client what springs to mind? For me it's we are having guests for the week end. If this is the case they must have been invited? Guests also suggests to sure our hospitality at my or our expense? May be i'm wrong.

The same goes for that client stylist relationship becoming a friendship business is business when their is exchange of money it's for services rendered. When friendship enters into the equation special mates rates follows not far behind along with. can you fit me in can you do me favour .Can I pay next time.To stylists getting complacent to loss of client and so called friend! It happens oh so often.

Keep it simple a business relationship one built on trust and mutual respect. As stylist we have to be aware of how easy lines can get crossed. How easy boundaries can get crossed. How easy complacency can  happen. I always apply this to mates rates special rates. This normally ends up in a break down in relationship because of expectation and or demands.
I have clients wanting to be fitted in who because they are special I have always reminded them that they are special as special as the next client. Every one gets the same specula treatment and pays the same special rate, it gets a laugh but keeps things consistent on an even professional keel.

As Salon owner's and Manager Stylist's.
We all have one major things in Common. Do you know what that is ? We all work in the service Industry. It is our job to offer the highest standards of. Service and Consultation.
This is a team effort an experience that starts as the client walks through the door and is greeted by receptionist and salon assistance. As stylists to offer the best advise supported by knowledge and skill.
On going training product knowledge updates are all key factors to staying current and on the cutting edge of our industry.

It is a know fact. That 50% of clients that visit a salon for the first time do not return! Why is this? What is going wrong? We all spend so much time money and energy trying to get new business. We forget about the existing business. We forget to live in the now! Striving and Trying to build up a strong clientele. But constantly driven to look for new clients new ways to attract clients.
We need to take an honest look at what is going wrong. This has to be done both as. A Salon as a team and as an individual.

Clients leave for many reason's. Poor service. Bad job. Personality issues. Pricing. Oh and a friend telling them about the new wonder salon down the road. That being everything yours is not!

In all of the above instances the only one person who cannot be blamed is. The client. It is our job to cherish care and build up a trusting honest relationship. One that comes for giving the ultimate service.
Change improvements. Salon service. Image. Increased business all possible but it does take. Hard work, Humility, Honesty and caring.

Here is a little personal reflection. But it get's a point home.

I recently lost my dear life friend my dog Zip. Stay with me there is a point to this! He was almost 10 years old. 3 years ago we moved to the Uk from Canada leaving my clients and hair business behind.

I have stayed in touch with many of my clients will still chat stay connected. It's easy! How? With so many Media tools available to us. Well I learned a huge lesson in Zip's passing sad as it was. How loved and how many clients remembered him. The salon. The service. So many postings with messages from people who's hair I have not done for three years. But they still care they still remember the time we spent together.  They left message s reflecting on this time spent. Why? Because they wanted to. Because they cared. Because we had built up relationships still strong today.

Service Consultation the key.
We get so wrapped up in booking. Being busy. Fitting in as many clients as possible. That we forget that the person that client in the chair is the most important thing. Think less about the money more about the service for one takes care of the other.
Look after that client give the most attentive service make them feel special she will tell friend and so it builds.
Easy just repeat the same system over and over treat every client the same every time as if it were a first visit and they are really special. Fool proof!
Service .Consultation. Communication. Professional product advise. note not sales advise educate the product it will sell it self.

Do you take the time to really listen and give honest advise?
Would you suggest a different look ? If what was being requested would not look good?
Would you suggest not doing a chemical process if you thought condition to poor?
Would you stay late working with a client until happy?
Have boundaries a 15 min rule for lateness no exception ! why it's easy the knock on effect over the day creates you running late others being effected.
You see both clients and us as stylist have to be accountable for our actions. Make a decision live with the consequences. Mutual respect. Open lines of communication.
Give sound solid honest advise even if it's not what the clients wants to hear. Do not take on work that is not represent your own high standards and explain why?
More to follow on this topic but enough to digest for now.

Mike B2MR

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