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Robert De L'anza. Internnational L'anza.

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Sad new's the passing of the founder of L'anza International.
Robert De Lanza

This weekend someone I greatly respect informed me the sad new's that the founder and indeed innovation behind  L'anza hair care passed away after a long fight with Cancer. Robert De Lanza was the man behind the many break throughs in the chemistry of hair care products. The ultimate treatment with the Keratin bond system. The first products to introduce keratin to the stylist and the hair industry.
Starting out in Europe with very humble begins he settled in the United states using his skill an knowledge as a pharmacist to develop shampoos. He went on the establish L'anza International  a company with high ethic's innovative idea's a passion to inspire motivate and educate professionals.
The quality and extensive range of the products. The support given were second to none it was an honour to have been part of the L'anza team in Canada. 
I am privileged to have met Robert and so many of the amazing industry professional he surround him self with an driven by passion high standards of ethic's and ability all sharing his vision and values!
He gave and contributed so much to so may to the hair industry! 

At L'anza , a formula is not merely a mixture, it is a solution. This is why L'anza has created a special solution for every hair type with a complete collection of "Formulas" to help every kind of hair look its best.L'anza's product formulas combine time-honored natural ingredients including botanical extracts,
keratin amino acids and moisturizers with the most advanced scientific research, such as L’anza’s exclusive Keratin Bond System®, one of the world's most innovative and sought after hair repair ingredients.
The Keratin Bond System® was developed by L'anza's chief chemist and founder Robert De Lanza over fifteen years ago. The "miracle" cure, as it's been called, combines select herbs and protein through a unique hydrolization process. The result is an extraordinary protein delivery system that in a short time makes the hair look and feel stronger, softer and remarkably healthy. L'anza's innovative research labs continue their commitment to provide real people with real solutions by offering new products and services specifically targeted to the clients' hair type and the style they would like to achieve. This philosophy has branded L'anza- The Company of Solutions.

Cysteine Peptides - the primary building blocks of hair. 
Cystine Peptides are the most abundant and important Amino Acids in the hair. The give Keratin Protein its strength and its hair strength and hair its shape, form and structure. When hair ages, these Cystine Peptides are depleted and Peptide Bonds are weakened. L'ANZA's Cystine Peptide Complex™ replenishes vital Cystine Peptides back into the hair and strengthens the Peptide Bonds through and advanced cross-linking process. The result is hair with more shine, increased strength and improved elasticity. Hair becomes healthy and radiant again, like when it was younger. 

People come into our lives for reason some time briefly some to to teach us a lesson occasionally to learn from us.We are touched in different ways by different people a celebration of life is to reflect of the good things achieved a legacy left ! 
Mike B2MR   

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